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To answer Tom’s review: I thought it would be funny for Bender to steal the spotlight from Fry and Leela since he’s the breakout character of Futurama. So, that’s why I did this.

Chapter 25: The Real Diabolical Brain

Above the ocean, one of the numerous dark spheres was floating near the sky. Soon enough, a giant cannon appeared from the dark sphere. This cannon was so huge, any regular human would look like a bug besides it. It was kind of like an ultimate weapon that you could find in a science-fiction story, like Star Wars, Star Trek and any others. The cannon shooted towards the horizon. It hitted something as another dark sphere was made, sucking everything around. On top of the cannon, four familiar villains were standing: Elmer Fudd, Jafar, the Green Goblin and Mr. Swackhammer.

“This is just great. Marvelous, in fact.” said the Green Goblin, smirking evily.

“You said it, Osborn. Marvelous very well.” agreed Swackhammer.

“Soon, Mastew Hand will give us ouw wewards. Hehehehehehe.” laughed Elmer.

“Nothing can stop us now.” said Jafar, sinisterly. All of sudden, the sorcerer noticed something. Looking into the distance, he saw a familiar aircraft carrier flying towards the cannon. “These pathetic heroes haven’t abandon yet. Pull the lever, Elmer.” he said to the bald man.

“Wight, Jafaw.”

The hunter pulled the lever near him. All of sudden, a trap opened beneath Jafar, who fell towards the ocean.



“Huh?” said Elmer puzzled.

The sorcerer quickly climbed the cannon, all wet and with a shark hanging on his leg.

“Why do we even HAVE that lever!?” He noticed the shark. Glaring at the shark, he hit him with his scepter, causing the shark to fall into the ocean. “Pull the OTHER lever!”

“Oops! Sowwy.”

The bald man pulled the other lever, which caused several tinier cannons to appear around the large cannon. The tiny cannons fired at the aircraft carrier repeatdly. The said aircraft carrier tried all his best keep to flying, but it was no use. Unfortunately, it received to many hits and exploded. It seemed like the heroes failed… until a good bunch of flying vehicules appeared from the explosion.

“WHAT?!?” exclaimed the villains.

They couldn’t believe it. The heroes were using OTHER and SMALLER flying vehicules to continue. There was Terry’s Batwing, Genie who transformed himself into a large plane, the Specter Speeder, a jet built by Donatello, Stewie’s own spaceship, the Duck Dodgers’ spaceship (Porky owned the key to use it), as well as Danny, Imaginary Man and Nemesister flying by themselves.

“They tricked us!” exclaimed Swackhammer.

“We noticed it, Swackhammer!” snapped the Green Goblin.

“Fiwe at will!” exclaimed Elmer.

The cannons blasted several times at the heroes. However, they were all able to dodge the hits, even though it was difficult. Meanwhile, up in the sky, another flying vehicule called a Gummi Ship flied towards the cannon. A certain mouse was driving the Gummi Ship.

“Here I come!” exclaimed Mickey.

The Gummi Ship crashed into the cannon on one side, before exiting it by the other side. This caused several parts of the cannon to explode. The villains glared at it.

“Darn these heroes! They destroyed our cannon! It’s gonna be expensive for us to built again.” exclaimed the Green Goblin.

“We don’t have time for this. We have to retreat into Subspace. Master Hand will tell us what to do.” said Jafar.

The sorcerer went into Subspace, followed by Elmer, the Goblin and Swackhammer. As the cannon was being destroyed, the heroes went into the dark sphere, ready to fight the villains…


The heroes appeared in Subspace. Here, they looked around, seeing how the place looked like. It looked like an ocean of darkness, filled with dark colors, lightnings, but also numerous platforms, so that people can make their way through Subspace.

“It’s… special.” said Donald.


All of sudden, Mandy punched Billy, who stop screaming.

“There’s not even a clown here, moron.” she said.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“This place is even more strange than when I made a cameo in that TV show called ‘Bones’!” exclaimed Stewie. The baby turned to the readers, before saying: “Hum, no. There won’t be any clip this time. Sorry, but no.”

“Well, there’s no more time to waste. Time to save the world!” exclaimed Bugs.

The others agreed before they continued their way. All of sudden, more Primids appeared to fight the heroes.

“I should have seen that coming.” said Leo as he took his katana.

“They want a fight? They will get one!” said Raph, smirking as he took his sai.

“Let’s go!” exclaimed Aladdin.

Soon, the heroes used their respective fighting skills against the Primids, while receiving some hits from them and avoiding some others. Bugs threw a lot of cream pies on the robots and painted some false holes on the ground to make them fall off the platforms. Suddenly, he found an Assist Trophy and held it up. Again, another character appeared to help them. Well, in that case, it was two characters.

The first one was a short man with black hair who was wearing a white shirt, a red necktie, a grey vest, grey pants, black shoes and a tall grey hat. The hat covered the eyes of the short man. He also had a cigarette in his mouth. The second one was a tall guy with some muscles and who didn’t look like very bright. He was wearing a white shirt, a black bow tie, a brown vest, brown pants, black shoes and a brown hat. Their names are Rocky and Mugsy.

“Look, Mugsy. It’s the rabbit.” noticed Rocky, taking his gun.

“Oh! I saw it, Boss!” yelped Mugsy.

“Hum, listen, doc. You’re here as an Assist Trophy. So, ya must help us against these evil robots. Got it?” asked Bugs.

“Okay. But don’t take us back to prison.” said the short gangster.

“No problem, doc.” he said with a smirk, while crossing his fingers behind his back.

“Come on, Mugsy. Destroy these… things.” ordered Rocky.

“Okay, Boss!” The tall dumb guy came near a robot but was wondering something. “Hum, how am I suppose to destroy these things.”

“Well, use your head.” suggested the rabbit.

“Hum… Alright!”

Soon, Mugsy leaned and smashed the robots with his OWN head. While the robot was destroyed, a bump appeared on Mugsy’s head.

“For some reasons, I was expectin’ that to happen.” said Bugs to the readers.

“Sometimes, when you want something to be done, you have to do it yourself.” said Rocky as he slapped his forehead.

He aimed with his gun and shooted as many Primids as possible. Some seconds later, he had no more bullets. But still, Rocky was able to defeat many robots.

“Alright, Mugsy. Let’s go.”

“Okay, Boss!”

Soon, the two criminals disappeared in a flash.

“Now, I know what ya are thinkin’. But don’t worry. I’m gonna take care of these two after the fanmake is over.” said Bugs to the readers, with a wink.

Porky used his staff to knocked the Primids. He also used it to pole vault and avoid being hit by the robots. Then, the pig got an idea. He stopped near a Primid and put his staff horizontally in the air.

“W-w-w-wanna do some l-l-limbo?”

The Primid turned to the readers, shrugged and decided to play limbo with the staff. He leaned enough to pass below the staff. All of sudden, Porky used this time to hit it with his staff, destroying it. He smiled, proud of his work. Using her basket-ball skills, Lola threw a basket-ball, who rebound many times on the Primids, knocking them all out. Soon, a board with scores on it appeared in midair. It reads: Lola 5, Primids 0. She smirked before noticing another robot coming towards her. The female rabbit summoned Tweety once more.

“Here I am, again!” said the little bird, who used a mallet to crushed the Primid before disappearing.

During this time, Taz and Jake span around, crushing the Primids, as well as eating them, especially Taz. Wile E. Coyote saw a huge Primid coming at him. He took this time to summon a Smash Ball. The Coyote crushed it, starting his Final Smash. Out of nowhere, a remote control appeared in his hands, while a huge missile appeared near him, ready to work. The Coyote smirked as he pushed on the button of the remote control. The missile flied into the air before hitting the Primid, destroyed like most of the others.


The Coyote smirked before accidentally pushing the button again. His eyes widened in alarm when another missile appeared and flied towards Wile E. The latter was so nervous, he gulped.

“I should quit my job.” said the Coyote just before…


Wile E. was in ashes. It took only some seconds before he went back to normal. Meanwhile, Aladdin slashed at the robots with his scyther. The street rat also threw some apples at them. He avoided their hits with his agility as well. Jasmine also used her agility against the Primids. The princess of Agrabah punched and kicked them without any difficulty. Genie zapped lightnings to the ennemies. All of sudden, he transformed himself into a crane with a wrecking ball.

“Warning: this is a construction zone. You might get yourself hit!” said Genie as he hit the robots with the wrecking ball. Again, they were destroyed. The blue being went back to normal before smirking. “I told you that you might get yourself hit.”

At the same time, Abu and Iago were riding Carpet. They threw many fruits and vegetables on the robots, which help the others to defeat them. However, Abu was about to cry when he saw how many bananas they wasted on throwing them.

“Oh, geez…” said Iago, rolling his eyes as he noticed the monkey feeling sad.

Kim Possible used her agility, her grappling hook, a lacrosse, rocket under her feet and a bubble shield against the Primids. Mickey, Donald and Goofy slashed the adversaries with their musketeer swords. The mouse also used his Keyblade against them. Danny flied around the Primids, shooting ecto-blasts at them while becoming intangible to avoid their hits. Tucker used a blaster, shooting at the robots as many times as he could.

“This is like playing at ‘Contra’!” said Tucker.

Meanwhile, Bloo decided it was time for him to use his Final Smash. He took a Smash Ball from a hidden pocket and crushed it. The Smash Ball transformed into a giant paddleball. Seeing the giant paddleball, Bloo smiled widely and gleefully.

“I never thought I would see that… but it’s so cool!” Without waiting, the blue blob used the giant paddleball and used it to crush as many robots as he could, while laughing madly. After a while, the paddleball disappeared. “Best… fighting… object… EVER!!!”

Mac ordered Coco, Wilt and Eduardo to fight the robots. Coco layed eggs that contain objects useful against the robots. Wilt used his height to his avantage. He was so tall, he received less hit than the others. The red imaginary friend kicked the robots, all while he rept repeating the word “Sorry.” Eduardo charged and stomped on the ennemies, due to his weight. Goo jumped on the Primids all while singing and dancing. Cheese randomly found a Smash Ball on the ground. Without thinking, he jumped on the Smash Ball, accidentally destroying it. Soon, he was able to cry so hard that no even Black Canary could cry that hard. The cry destroyed a good bunch of Primids. Then, the Final Smash finished right there. Some of the other heroes looked at him oddly.

“Hum… okay!” randomly said Cheese.

“I never thought even HE could have a Final Smash.” said Bloo.

“Me neither.” agreed Mac.

Meanwhile, Imaginary Man and flied around the Primids, kicking them and punching them. Nemesister also flied around, kicked and punched, but she also shooted many rainbows and flowers at the ennemies. Terry McGuinnis, the future Batman, threw Batarangs, flied above the robots, punched them and kicked them. He also threw some Bat-grenades at the ennemies and used his invisibility ability to avoid their hits. Kyle hit the robots with his nunchaku. Meanwhile, Mandy used Billy as many different things like a golf cub and a hammer against the Primids. As usual, Billy was laughing stupidly.

“Ha! Ha! Ouch! Ha! Ha! Ouch! Ha! Ha! Ouch!”

“Idiot.” said Mandy.

Once again, Bender shooted at the robots with a submachine gun, laughing evily. Stewie used his raygun against the Primids and also ordered his Robot Ruperts destroy them. Leonardo slashed at the Primids with his katanas. Michelangelo hit them with his nunchakus. Donatello did the same with his staff. Of course, Raphael hit the robots with his sai. Spider-Man shooted many webs at the ennemies. He tied them, he avoided their hits with his spider-sense, he crawled on the walls near him and he swing with his rope of web like Tarzan. During the same time, Homer punched the Primids. Then, he inflated himself and slammed himself against the baddies. He also strangled them, all while he kept repeating “Why, you little!” After a while, he destroyed a good bunch of the robots by only strangling them.

“Whoah, I never thought Bart would give me such a good practice for destroying evil robots. Oh, well…” shrugged the fat man.

SpongeBob took a Smash Ball and crushed it. Soon, he dissapeared and reappeared, riding a giant jellyfish.

“Alright, jellyfish. Let’s go!” exclaimed the sponge. The jellyfish stomped on the Primids and also shocked them with the electricity on its body. Some moments later, the jellyfish disappeared. “All hail the mighty jellyfish!” said SpongeBob, with a stupid grin.

Several minutes later, all the Primids were destroyed.

“That was quite a fight.” said Kim.

“Well, better than the final fight between Harry Potter and Voldemort.” commented Stewie.


Somewhere, in a dark place, a young man with glasses named Harry Potter was facing a diabolical sorcerer named Lord Voldemort. The two were ennemies ever since the latter killed the former’s parents. Now, they were ready for the ultimate battle.

“Are you ready, Potter?” asked Voldemort, sinisterly.

“Yes, Voldemort.” answered Harry, with determination.

They looked at each other, with hatred in their eyes. They have been prepared for this fight ever since a long time ago. Soon, it begins… Each of these two put one hand behind their back before looking at each other.

“Rock, paper, scissor!”

They quickly showed their hands. Harry choosed rock. Voldemort choosed scissor.

“What? Oh, man! I was so close to win this fight!” exclaimed the evil sorcerer, desperatly.

“Sorry, Voldemort. It’s just…”

“Nah, it’s okay, Potter. You win. It’s alright. Oh, by the way, sorry for killing your parents.”

“Oh, it’s okay, Voldie. No harm feelings.”

“Thanks. You’re such a great guy, Harry. You know that?”

“Well, thank you! That’s always good to hear. Hey! Wanna play some golf next sunday?” asked Harry.

“Sure! Why not?” answered Voldemort with a smile.


Elmer, Jafar, the Goblin and Swackhammer were walking towards the edge of a cliff.

“I can’t wait to see the reward Master Hand promised me.” said Swackhammer.

“You will have to wait a little longer for that.” said the Green Goblin with an evil smile.

“And why I will have to…”

All of sudden, the fat alien was interrupted when the Green Goblin shooted at him with a Dark Cannon. Swackhammer became a trophy. Elmer gapsed when he saw that. Then, he became nervous when the Goblin aimed towards the bald man.

“Wait! I’m suwe I can do something fow not being twansfowmed into a twophy and…” All of sudden, the Green Goblin became himself a trophy. It happened that Jafar also had a Dark Cannon and used it on the green villain. Elmer sighed in relief. “Thank you, Jafaw. I don’t know how to thank you.” he said.

“Don’t worry about it, Elmer.” said Jafar as he shooted at the hunter, who also became a trophy. The sorcerer left the three trophies here before reaching the edge of the cliff. “Oh, Master Hand! I’m here to ask your help. Give me your power and I’ll be able to get rid of the heroes once and for all!”

Soon enough, Master Hand appeared in front of Jafar.

“Alright… Jafar… If this is what…”

The sorcerer noticed there was something wrong with the giant hand.

“Is there a problem, Master Hand?” he asked.

“No… no problem at… Please! I need help!” exclaimed Master Hand.

“What the…” Jafar looked closer. He realized there was strings attached to Master Hand. Like if the latter was controlled like a puppet! He looked up to see a strange figure floating in the air, controlling the strings. It was a huge and bald figure whose body was entirely light blue and transparent. His eyes were red and he also had a strange object inside of his body. “Who are you?”

“My name is Tabuu, Lord of Subspace. I will rule the entire universe. And all because of you and your associates. I manipulated you all, with no exception.” answered the figure.

“You manipulated me?” asked Jafar. Thinking about it, the sorcerer became more angry than ever. “No one, and I mean it, NO ONE manipulate me!”

Jafar jumped on Master Hand before rebounding and going towards Tabuu. He was ready to hit him with his scepter. However, Tabuu shooted a blast towards the sorcerer. The latter was hit by the last. Jafar fell into Master Hand, freeing the latter from the strings, before landing on the edge of the cliff, transformed as a trophy. Master Hand landed on the cliff as well, a bit weak.

“Sorry, Jafar. But… you’re only second rate.” said Tabuu.

At this moment, Master Hand was able to stand up, ready to teach a lesson to the Lord of Subspace.

“The one who is second rate here… it’s you!” roared the giant hand.

He flied towards Tabuu, eager to punch him. However, Tabuu used a force field to stop the giant hand. The force field was so powerful, it damaged Master Hand’s energy, who fell on the ground of the cliff. The giant hand was unconscious.

“I don’t think so.” replied Tabuu.

Some moments later, the heroes arrived next to the trophitized villains and the unconscious hand.

“Gosh! For some reasons, I have a feeling that HE’S the one behind all this.” said Mickey in worry, noticing the huge figure.

Bugs took a carrot and started chewing it nonchalantly.

“Eh, what’s up, doc?”

“Like I said before to Jafar, I am Tabuu, Lord of Subspace. And soon, I will rule the entire universe. And yes, I’m the one behind the invasion.” said Tabuu.

“That’s what I feared the most.” said the mouse.

“I’m so close to finish my plan. No one can stop me. Not even you, heroes.”

“Ya think so?” asked the rabbit, nonchalantly.

“Yes, I think so.” answered the huge figure.

Then, two large wings appeared on his back. All the heroes’ eyes widened in surprise and in alarm when they saw that.

“Uh-oh.” gulped Michelangelo.

Tabuu sent incredible waves of energy right on the heroes. They were sent flying into the air as something horrible was happening: one by one, they were ALL transformed into trophies!

“Aw, crap!” exclaimed Bender, right before becoming a trophy.

Some moments later, the trophies were separated from each other into different places in Subspace. Meanwhile, several orbs, who contained the different places that were sucked by the dark spheres, came around the huge figure. Soon, a whole bunch of stairs appeared, making a long way between where Master Hand was laying unconscious and where the orbs were at this moment. It seemed like Tabuu will rule the universe. The heroes have failed…

End of chapter.

The heroes, and EVEN the villains, have all been transformed into trophies by the real person behind this invasion: Tabuu. In the next chapter, three people will appear after a long absence to help our heroes.

Once again, just like Master Hand, Galleom, Duon and the Primids, Tabuu is playing himself. As for Rocky and Mugsy, they were playing Lakitu and Spinies.

The part with Jafar saying “Pull the lever, Elmer.”, followed by “WRONG LEVER!” and followed by “Why do we even HAVE that lever!?” was a reference to one of my favorite scenes from “The Emperor’s New Groove”. Also, Stewie made a reference to a recent “Bones” episode where he appeared, still in his animated form. Once again, the cutaway gag featuring Harry Potter and Voldemort was satirical. A bit OOC for these two, but that’s the point with some of these cutaway gags. I also made a reference to one of the songs from “The Return of Jafar”, when Tabuu made his appearance.

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