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Chapter 22: From the Aircraft Carrier to the Ground

Meanwhile, the Specter Speeder slowly moved away from the Aircraft Carrier.

“With only this vessel, we can’t defeat this ship of doom.” said Sam.

Danny thought about this. He realized that the Goth girl was right. They couldn’t continue that way.

“Here’s what we are gonna do.” said the halfa to Tucker and Sam. “Tucker, I’m gonna help you landing on the ship. You’re gonna investigate it while I’m gonna check in the air to see if there’s any useful thing to see.”

“Roger that, Danny.” said his best friend.

The halfa turned around to the Goth girl before continuing.

“Sam, I want you to go to Amity Park and warn everyone. Get all the help you can get, like Jazz, Dani and Cujo. I have a feeling that something will happen, and it ain’t gonna be good.”

“Alright.” said Sam. She grabbed Danny’s hand before looking directly into his eyes. “Be careful.”

“We will.” he said.

Both Danny and Sam leaned toward each other and kissed. They closed their eyes, enjoying this moment.

“Ahem.” coughed Tucker.

The halfa and his girlfriend heard him and stopped kissing. Danny grabbed Tucker and both of them got out of the Specter Speeder. The halfa put his friend on the ground of the aircraft carrier before flying around it. Meanwhile, Sam flied away with the Specter Speeder, going towards Amity Park.


A while after Homer and his two allies left, the door opened, revealing none other than… Jasmine herself. She looked around and saw their was no ennemies.

“Alright, Lola. We can go.” she said to her friend.

“Okay!” said the female rabbit while giggling. The girls left the room they were. All of sudden, Lola turned to the readers. “What? You were expecting Jasmine to appear with a Sheik-like alter-ego? Come on! She doesn’t need that. All she needed for the role of Zelda was being the girlfriend of a young fantasy hero and that’s all. Got it right?”

Lola and Jasmine came near an opening in the ship. Here, they noticed they were VERY far away from the ground.

“I wish Carpet was here.” said Jasmine.

“You mean Genie. He’s the one who made the wishes.” said Lola with a grin as a rimshot was heard.

The princess chuckled a bit at the female rabbit’s joke.

“Like your boyfriend, you are looney as well.” All of sudden, this gave an idea to Jasmine. “Wait a second… You are a Looney Tune. So, you must have something that should help us getting on the top deck.”

“Now that you mention it, it’s true. Let me check this out.” said Lola. She took a bag out of nowhere and started searching in it. After a moment, she grabbed something and got it out of the bag. “A balloon of helium?” At this moment, Lola got an idea as she smirked to her friend. “Tell me, Jasmine. Did you ever play ‘Balloon Fight’?”

“I don’t think so. Why?” asked the princess.

“Because that’s what we are gonna do!” The female rabbit took a rope out of nowhere and put it around Jasmine’s waist. Then, she took two balloons of helium and tied it to the rope. Lola repeated the same thing, but on herself. “Just watch me.” The female rabbit took a leap, jumped in the air and flied into the air, all because of the balloons that supported. Some seconds later, she landed on the top deck. Lola turned around and noticed Jasmine. “You can do it too!”

The Arabian princess looked down. She took a deep breath.

“Okay, Jasmine. Lola’s right. You can do it as well.” Just like her friend, she took a leap, jumped in the air and was flying as well. After a while, she landed besides Lola. They put the balloons back into the bag, before the female rabbit put it into a hidden pocket. “I must admit it was exciting, you know, to do this all alone without Carpet.”

All of sudden, a bunch of Primids appeared and spotted them.

“Let’s show them we still have our fighting skills after all this time as a trophy.” said Lola in determination.

“Right!” agreed Jasmine.

The women used their respective fighting skills. Lola hit some of the robots with her basket-ball. Meanwhile, Jasmine used her hand-to-hand skills against them. All of sudden, one Primid hit Lola so hard that she fell on the floor. She was surrounded by many of these things. At this moment, Jasmine noticed an Assist Trophy. The princess quickly grabbed it and held it into the air. Again, another character appeared. One Primid was about to hit Lola hard. Suddenly, the said Primid was knocked away by a staff. Lola looked up and noticed there was someone near them. It was an old mandrill with grey fur on his body and white fur around his head, including a beard. His eyes were yellow. His name is Rafiki.

“Yaaaaaaaaaah!” yelled Rafiki like a mandrill faced the Primids. They were all ready to fight him. One behind the mandrill charged towards him. Rafiki did a summersault. He hit one robot with his staff before kicking two other robots. Then, he hit two more with his staff. Everything seemed to be okay. All of sudden, one Primid was about to hit Rafiki by being behind him. Without looking, the mandrill hit the Primid hard with his fist. “Hyeow!”

Jasmine helped Lola to stand out. They looked at the mandrill.

“Thanks for the help.” said Lola.

Rafiki simply nodded with a smile, before disappearing in a flash. The women continued their fight against the Primids.


The aicraft carrier’s cannons were shooting repeatdly at something in the air. It was none other than Danny, who dodged all the cannon balls that were shooted at him.

“Now, this is getting really annoying!” complained the halfa. At this moment, he noticed a large cannon. While flying, he aimed at the cannon. “Time to finish this!”

Danny started shooting many ectoblasts on the cannon. However, he didn’t realise that Lola was near the cannon! The ectoblasts startled the female rabbit.

“Hey! Stop that!” she yelled.

Jasmine looked up and recognized the halfa. She also noticed a trampoline near her. The princess wondered where did this trampoline come from. She decided to think about it later. Quickly, Jasmine jumped on the trampoline and went near the halfa. The latter recognized the princess.

“Jasmine!?” exclaimed Danny. The princess punched him on the face. Both went down and landed on the floor. “What the heck’s going on? You better have an explanation or I’ll kick your butt!”

The halfa flied towards Jasmine, who ran towards him. He tried to punch her, but she blocked him with her hand.

“Hold on!” They both turned around and noticed Lola. The female rabbit was holding in her hands… a glass of water? “How about drinking some water?”

“Good idea.” said Jasmine.

The princess took one glass of water and drank it. At the same time, Danny was puzzled.

“Wait a minute… We were fighting. Then, you came with water… And… Oh! Forget it.”

The halfa took a second glass of water from Lola’s hand and drank it as well.


At the same moment, the Turtles, Bugs, Aladdin and the others were all standing at the same place we left them last time.

“What are we waiting for, Bugs?” asked Mikey.

“Accordin’ to the script, this is where all the other heroes are supposed to join us.” said the rabbit while holding the script in his hands.

“Well, if you said so…” said Spidey. All of sudden, the same alarm he heard before when he started fighting the Primids after the invasion started was heard again. As you can guess, his spider-sense was tingling. He noticed a small pumpkin falling towards them. “Get you all of here!”

The heroes didn’t wait as they ran away like he ordered. When the pumpkin landed on the ground…


“A pumpkin.” thought Spider-Man. “That means…”

“You won’t escape me this time, Parker!”

The spider hero turned his head around. He saw a face he didn’t want to see at all. None other than his archennemy: the Green Goblin.


“After all these years, I ain’t gonna let you win!”

The Green Goblin as he tossed another pumpkin bomb on the superhero. The latter jumped backwards and landed on his feet and hands. All of sudden, his archennemy charged towards him and hit him. With his glider, the Green Goblin flied into the air along with the one he hated the most. Meanwhile, the other heroes were worried about their friend.

“Spidey!” exclaimed Aladdin.

The street rat was about to help his friend, but Leonardo stopped him with his hand.

“Wait. I’m sure he can handle this by himself.” said the turtle.

The hero of Agrabah nodded and looked up in the sky, along with the other heroes. The glider flied until it reached the top of a large cliff. Having enough of this ride, Spider-Man punched his ennemy in the face. He jumped off the glider and landed on the cliff. The Green Goblin flied towards the superhero many times. The latter dodged him by jumping and doing all his usual acrobaties.

“What is it, web head? You don’t make any jokes anymore?” asked the villain, in amusement.

“Nah, it’s just that you’re a boring villain. I can’t make good jokes with a guy like you. Oh, wait! I just made one.” answered the spider hero.

“Me? Boring!? Why, you…”

Angry, the Green Goblin threw a couple of pumpkins towards Spidey. With some difficulties, he was able to avoided them.

“You forgot to say ‘little’ after saying ‘Why, you’. I can’t believe you’re not even able to quote Homer Simpson correctly. It’s official. You’re one pathetic villain! After all the evil things you did to me in the past, you disappoint me big times.” said Spidey.

“Oh, shut up!” exclaimed the Green Goblin.

The villain flied towards his archennemy while throwing pumpkins at him. The superhero ran and avoided the bombs by jumping before they landed on him. After a while, the Green Goblin decided to charged towards Spider-Man. He succeeded to hit the superhero very well. Spidey fell on his back.

“Man, this is hard…” he groaned.

All of sudden, the Goblin landed near him and grabbed the hero.

“As you can see, I’m stronger and faster than before. You cannot stand a chance against me, little bug!”

“Stronger, faster… but not brighter!”Quickly, the superhero shooted a web on the villain, which tied him. “By the way, a spider isn’t a bug. It’s an arachnid.”

This let a chance for Spidey to escape his ennemy’s grip. But still, the Green Goblin was able to free himself from the rope of web. Spidey climbed on a wall of rock near him. Without waiting, the Green Goblin jumped on his glider and flied towards the one he hated the most. Waiting for the right moment, Spider-Man jumped from the wall, came near the glider and punched the Goblin as hard as he could. The green-skinned villain fell of the glider and landed on his back. It wasn’t enough as he threw another pumpkin on the web head. Luckily, his spider sense was here to tell him to dodge it. The Green Goblin stood up and went back on his glider. This time, he took two pumpkins and hold them in his hands.

“Farewell, Spider-Man!” The villain threw the pumpkins to the superhero. The latter quickly made a large web that caught the pumpkins and tied them up with his archennemy. The latter gulped in alarm. “No!”


After the pumpkins exploded, the Green Goblin was thrown into the air while screaming. Some seconds later, he disappeared in the sky. Seeing that, Spidey sighed in relief. The fight was quite difficult, just like any other fight he has with his usual rogues gallery.

“I have the feeling that my dear Norman is part of this invasion as well. That doesn’t surprise me at all. Anyway, I better go back to see my allies.”

With that said, Spider-Man crawled down the cliff and joined the other heroes.


Meanwhile, Donald, Imaginary Man and Homer arrived in a room. But not anykind of room; it was the main one: the control room! To their surprises, the only person that was in the control room was… several yellow square-shaped sponges. The heroes were slack-jawed.

“My aircraft carrier has been controlled by… a bunch of sponges!?” exclaimed the duck.

“Heh, heh, heh.” chuckled Homer as he cracked his knuckles. No, I’m not talking about the echidna. “Allow me. I’ll take care of this.”

The fat man slowly walked towards the sponges. And then…


Outside, Lola, Jasmine and Danny were still talking.

“So, why did you attack me?” asked Danny.

“While shooting at the cannon, you were gonna hit Lola. You better watch out where you are shooting at, ghost boy!” explained Jasmine, furious about what the boy did.

“Oh… My bad.” he said sheepishly to the women.

“It’s okay, Danny.” said Lola.

“By the way, does someone know where this trampoline comes from?” asked the princess, pointing at the trampoline she used earlier.

“Oh! That’s my trampoline. As a Looney Tune, I can carry it into one of my numerous hidden pockets. I must have accidentally dropped it on the ground while fighting.” explained the female rabbit.

“I see. I didn’t know you had your own trampoline.”

“Why, you little!”

They all turned around to see where was the control room. All of sudden, the sponges were sent flying out of the windows and landed near the three heroes. Homer and Imaginary Man came out of the control room and joined them.

“You two!” exclaimed Jasmine, as she and Lola recognized the fat man and the superhero. “What’s going on?”

“First of all, we aren’t Bono and The Edge. We are not U2! We are Homer J. Simpson and Imaginary Man. Second of all, these sponges were the ones who controlled this ship.” said the fat man.

“Hum, guys? You should see that.” said Danny.

Everyone looked at what the halfa was pointing. They were surprised to see the sponges slowly forming something together. One moment later, they became a huge robot. It looked like a giant machine on two wheels with two bodies; one purple, and one blue. Both bodies had big guns on their hands and shoulders. The purple one had a big gun on top of its head, while the blue one had a big sword on top of its head. This machine was known as Duon. The latter roared loudly.

“Oh, crap!” gasped Homer.

At this moment, Tucker appeared and saw what was happening.

“Oh, boy! It doesn’t look good at all.” said the boy with glasses.

“We need to get rid of that thing now!” said Imaginary Man.

“Not without me!”

Everyone looked up and saw somebody landing on the floor, joining the heroes. It was a pink-skinned woman with a heart-shaped head, heart-shaped hair… well, most of the parts of her body were heart-shaped. She had red hair and blue eyes with no iris. She was wearing black clothes, including black long gloves and black boots. Imaginary Man recognized her. She was Nemesister, another imaginary friend. She has been created by the sister of Imaginary Man’s creator.

“Nemesister! Good to see you here.”

“We are from the same family. We can cooperate together, no?” she said, ready to fight the machine.

“Then… let’s go!” exclaimed Danny.

The seven heroes charged towards the giant robot. Homer punched it many times until the robot shooted many times at the fat man, causing him to ran away in fear. At this moment, he decided to inflate himself. Then, Homer slammed himself against Duon, before going back to normal. Danny noticed a barrel behind the fat man. He got an idea.

“Homer! Do a barrel roll!” exclaimed the halfa.

The fat man turned around and noticed the barrel. Without hesitation, Homer took the barrel and threw it at the giant machine. However, the later caught the barrel and threw it back to the fat man. Homer yelp before jumping over the barrel, avoiding it.

“Woah, I feel like I did something Super Mario would do.” he said.

Imaginary Man flied around the machine and hit it as many times as he can. Soon, Duon slashed at the superhero, who crashed on the floor. Nemesister shooted many rainbows and flowers on the giant robot. She dodged it as many times as she could. All of sudden, Duon punched her, sending her joining Imaginary Man. Just like the latter before, Danny flied around the machine. He sended many ectoblasts on it. The giant robot shooted at the halfa. The latter went intangible, avoiding to be hit.

“To quote a famous hedgehog: you’re too slow!”

All of sudden, Duon jumped in the air and crushed the halfa. The latter went intangible, but was soon exhausted by this fight.

“My turn!” said Tucker.

He took a blaster and shooted many times at the machine. Duon also shooted at the boy, who was hit just like most of the others. Jasmine took this time to attack. She jumped on the barrel mentionned before and she jumped at the robot’s face. With all her might, she punched it and kicked it as many times as she could. The princess landed on the floor. With her agility, she avoided being hit by the cannon. However, it wasn’t enough as Jasmine was soon hit by the sword. Lola threw her basket-ball many times on the robot. Then, she got an idea.

“If Bugs can do it, I can do it as well.”

From a hidden pocket, she summoned a Smash Ball and crushed it. Soon, she was glowing bright. At this moment, she jumped very high in the air. Then, the female rabbit threw her basket-ball on the floor with all her might. As soon as the ball hit the floor, it started to shake like an earthquake. This caused a good bunch of random objects to fall on Duon, crushing it, and thus destroying it. The giant machine dissolved itself, revealing a trophy. This trophy looked like a yellow sponge, shaped like a square. The sponge had blue eyes and two buck teeth. He was wearing a white shirt, a red tie, brown pants, white socks with a red stripe and black shoes. Not recognizing the trophy at first, Danny started glowing his hand.

“It may be an ennemy…”

“Hold it.” said Lola as she held a hand in front of the halfa, stopping him. “Don’t you remember him? He’s not an ennemy.”

The halfa looked at the trophy closely. At this moment, he realized who it was.

“SpongeBob!? SpongeBob SquarePants?” he said, recognizing one of his partners from the Nicktoons Unite organization.

“Who else?” The female rabbit came near the trophy and touched it. The sponge came back to life, a bit dazed. “Are you alright, SpongeBob?”

“Oh… Where am I?” The sponge looked around and recognized some of his fellow SSB colleagues. “Huh? Lola! Danny! Jasmine! Tucker! Nemesister! Yellow-skinned man I don’t know! Superhero-looking guy I don’t know either!” exclaimed SpongeBob as he grabbed them all and hugged them.

“Yeah, great. We are glad to see you again, SpongeBob.” said Danny. “But can you just dropped us on the floor?”

“Oh! Sure!” he said while dropping them on the floor.

“SpongeBob, what were doing inside that giant robot?” asked Jasmine.

“I don’t know. The last thing I remember was chasing jellyfishes at Bikini Bottom. After that, I have no idea what happened. I hope my friends aren’t worried about me being missing.” said SpongeBob, upset about his friends being worried.

“Whatever it is, would you like to join us defeating all these Primids that are invading our world?” asked Lola.

“Sure! I would do anything to help a friend in need. And then, I’ll be back at Bikini Bottom doing all my favorite things: chasing jellyfishes with Patrick, cooking Kraby Patties at the Krusty Krab and doing karate with Sandy! Yaaaa-ah!” The sponge jumped in the air, was about to do a karate move on Danny. The latter went intangible and SpongeBob crushed himself against the floor. “Nice move, Danny.” he said while laughing stupidly.


At the same time, Donald was still in the control room. Now that no evil being was controlling the aircraft carrier, that means… his aircraft carrier was free. No more under the control of the Primids! With a determinated face, he grabbed the steering wheel and controlled the aircraft carrier by himself. At this moment, he noticed an old picture on the wall near him. The duck grabbed the picture and looked at it closely. On the picture, there was a pig with a hat, a grey and red shirt and white gloves. The duck recognized the pig on the picture.

“Peter Pig… It’s been a while since I’ve seen him. I’m wondering what he became recently…”

Donald put the picture in his pocket. He continued holding the steering wheel. Then, the duck sighed happily. He was finally able to get his aircraft carrier back…


Meanwhile, from a far away distance, the Green Goblin was laying on the ground. That last fight with his long-time ennemy wasn’t a success at all. His glider was in pieces and he had some wounds on him. All of sudden, his communicator made a noise again. He took the communicator to answer it.

“Is that you, Jafar?” asked the villain.

At the same moment, in a dark room, someone was sitting on a chair. It was a fat green-skinned villain with pointy ears, a small pointy nose, dark green dots, purple eyes, claws on his fingers, sharp teeth and a large dark grey dots around his mouth. He was wearing a dark pink business suit, along with a pink flower on his left side, a white shirt, a black belt and white sandals. He was holding a brown cigar between two fingers. His name is Mr. Swackhammer, boss of Moron Mountain. At this moment, he was talking to a communicator.

“No, it’s not Jafar. It’s me, Swackhammer.” answered the alien.

“Oh! Swackhammer… What do you want?”

“Well, I called you to know where are you currently.”

“I had a fight with that annoying Spider-Man! Unfortunately, I didn’t win and I have several damages on my glider, and on myself.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll send some Primids to help you and you’ll be back in no time to help me and the others in this invasion.”

“Good, but do it quickly.” said the Green Goblin.

“Sure.” Swackhammer put his communicator in his pocket before looking at a window. “I will soon get my revenge on that rabbit. Because of him, I lost my Nerdlucks. Him and all the other Looney Tunes will regret for that. I’m lucky that the bald man and the cowboy guy accepted to work with me. Master Hand has all the good elements to make his plan working. And I’m not gonna complaint about it…”

End of chapter.

Donald’s aircraft carrier is now free. And Spidey fighted the Green Goblin. I had to do something with this villain ever since I introduced him in Chapter 17, and I finally decided to let him doing a fight here. In the next chapter, you’ll finally discover who is the Ancient Minister. What is his true identity? Just wait until the next chapter.

This chapter is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Donald Duck himself. That’s right. Four days ago, June 9th, it’s been 75 years ever since “The Little Wise Hen” (Donald’s first appearance) has been released in theaters. I even put a reference to that at the end of this chapter. Happy birthday, Donald!

SpongeBob SquarePants is playing Mr. Game and Watch. For some reasons, I think it’s fitting. Nemesister is, like Imaginary Man, a character from the “Challenge of the Superfriends” episode in Foster’s. She’s playing the role of Mewtwo, one of the characters who appeared only in Melee. There’s also Mr. Swackhammer, the villain from Space Jam. He was supposed to be only mentionned in this story, but I decided to give him a chance to be in this story. Besides, he’s barely used in fanfictions and he’s a good villain, so why not? Also, I wanted to see King K. Rool in Brawl, so here’s my chance to have something like that happening, as Swackhammer was mentionned as an analogue to K. Rool in chapter 4. So, he’s like Mozenrath and Sam Manson: playing a character that wasn’t in Brawl at all.

Rafiki was playing Dr. Wright. The way he was fighting the Primids was a reference to a funny moment he did during the final battle in the first Lion King movie. Jazz Fenton, Dani Phantom and Cujo were all mentionned as analogues to ROB, Slippy Toad and Tricky, all characters from Star Fox. Again, just like with other characters such as Galleom and Master Hand, Duon is playing himself.

When Homer inflated himself during the fight against Duon, it was a reference to one of his abilities in “The Simpsons Game”. Danny’s line “Do a barrel roll!” is another reference to Star Fox. And when Homer jumped over the barrel, it was a reference to the classic Donkey Kong arcade game.

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