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To answer nobodiez’s question: Fry and Leela went back into the future during Chapter 24.

And now, it’s time for something you all have been waiting for. Here’s…

Chapter 29: The Final Battle

Now that all the five bosses were defeated, all the heroes and villains were ready for the last part. Soon, they went near a door that was larger than any other door, which seemed to be where Tabuu was hiding. All of them were either nervous or either confident.

“Well, folks. Looks like this is it. We’re finally about to end it.” said Bugs.

All of sudden, Daffy started to cry like a coward.

“Ah! There’s no way we can defeat Tabuu! We can’t defeat him at all! I mean, he was able to tranform all of you into trophies. But we don’t have anything that can stop him this time!”

“The duck’s right. I have no more badges that can help us to go back into our normal form.” said Pete, with a sad face.

“This is the end for all of us!” exclaimed Daffy, still crying. “Where’s Chuck Norris when you need him!?”

“Enough, Daffy!” Out of nowhere, Bugs appeared on a horse. The rabbit was holding a sword made of carrot. The others wondered what he was gonna do or say. He seemed like he was gonna talk like a character from ‘The Lord of the Rings’. “We ain’t gonna lose against Tabuu. Sure, he may be more powerful than all of us, but let’s not forget one thing. We have a heart! Well, I can’t really say that about Jafar, Green Goblin and others…” The villains glared at him. “But we have to remember that we are cartoon characters! We can survive a lot of things. And we have to end this with a happy ending. Let me tell ya, there’s no way this Tabuu will win against us. Sure, I may have no plan as to how to kick his butt, but I have the will to stop him to take over the world and even the universe no matter how!” Slowly, everyone seemed to feel more confident by hearing the rabbit’s speech. “We have to do it, because we are the only ones who can do it. For everyone, for our families, for our friends and for our fans! So, who’s with me?”

Soon, everyone cheered, agreeing with the carrot eater. Daffy stopped crying and sighed.

“Alright. We’re gonna… at least trying it.” he shrugged.

“Good.” said Bugs. The rabbit then put the horse away and went near Lola. “So, what did ya think of my speech?”

“Oh, it was good.” she said.

“Well, better than that speech in the Street Fighter movie.” said Stewie, near the rabbits.


For some seconds, Stewie waited. Then, he realized nothing was happening.

“What? No cutaway gag? Really? Oh, well.” he shrugged.

So, everyone finally walked through the door. They arrived in a very huge platform. The whole place was… well, it was exactly like any other part of Subspace. Except it was even more darker, probably due to the fact Tabuu was there. The main villain was floating in the air as usual. Then, he noticed all the heroes and villains coming. He looked at them. Tabuu didn’t say anything. He knew they were angry against him and ready to take him down.

“So, you were able to come back to life? Interesting. I suppose you want your revenge, right? Of course, it is what you want.” said Tabuu.

“Hold it a second, doc.” said Bugs. “There’s still some questions that need to be answered.”

“Like what?” asked Tabuu.

“Well, like what was I doing on the Aircraft Carrier?” asked SpongeBob.

“Sponges have peculiar qualities that helped me to create the shadow bugs. You were taken by the Ancient Minister, AKA Bender, and he brang you to me.” answered the transparent figure.

“Really!? Then… why didn’t you tell me that?” asked the sponge to Bender.

“You didn’t ask me.” said the robot, uninterested.

“Another question, Tabuu. Even though I have a pretty good idea of the reasons, why my battlesuit has been stolen?” asked Kim

“Your battlesuit has incredible features. I hired Drakken to steal it and making clones of yourself. Clones that would wear your battlesuit. Unfortunately, only two clones have been in created until you came, beated them and destroy the place.”

“Hmm, that’s pretty much what I thought too.” she said.

“Hey! You big jerk!” exclaimed Bloo. “Why did I have been kidnapped and put inside that glass tube machine!?”

“The said machine worked only with one kind of energy: an imaginary friend created by a kid with a pure heart.” said Tabuu.

“Wait, what? You mean that Mac has a pure heart? You’re kidding, right?” asked the blue blob.

“Bloo!” exclaimed Mac.

“Relax, I was just joking.” said Bloo, grinning a little.

“Okay, doc. Here’s one last question for ya.” said the rabbit. “What’s the deal with the Great Maze? Leavin’ us instructions, usin’ bosses to block our way… Why doin’ that while ya were sure we were all in trophy form?”

“It was just a precaution. For some reasons, I had the feeling you would all come back to life after becoming trophies. I was right. So, just in case of that happening, I decided to create the Great Maze. I was kind enough to leave you instructions to do it. And when you would arrive at where I am, I would have the pleasure to transform you all into trophies again. And this time, I am sure you WON’T come back to life.” said Tabuu.

“You ain’t gonna win this time, Tabuu!” exclaimed Aladdin. “You took us by surprise. Now, you’ll regret it!”

“Yeah! And you’re gonna pay for double-crossing us, you varmint!” exclaimed Sam, with the other villains agreeing with him.

For a moment, Tabuu remained silent. Then, he finally decided to speak.

“Too bad for you, fools. These were your last words.” At the same moment, he showed his wings once again. The heroes’ eyes widened in alarm. “Once I’ll get rid of you, the world, followed by the entire universe, will be mine. Farewell, heroes.”

“Does anyone have a Smash Ball here!?” asked Iago, panicking. Everyone looked in their pockets. All the heroes and villains shook their head, meaning ‘no’. “Then, we’re doomed!”

Soon, Tabuu’s wings glowed gradually and brightly. The wings were filled with power. He was ready to strike. Looks like it’s the end for our heroes…


“What?!?” exclaimed Tabuu, confused. Everyone looked around, confused as well. Where was that sound coming from?



Suddenly, something huge appeared and landed behind the heroes. They all had their eyes widened in surprise. Behind them was what looked like a giant orange fox with nine tails. The beast was growling, showing his huge sharped teeth. He seemed to be furious.

“What the hell…” wondered Stewie.

“It looks like Miles ‘Tails’ Prower’s demon cousin.” said Danny.

Without waiting, the nine-tailed fox leaped and landed between the heroes and Tabuu. In one hit, he slashed at Tabuu’s left wing with the claws on his right paw, destroying the wing. Then, he did the same thing on the transparent figure’s right wing with the claws on his left paw, destroying it as well. The giant fox leaped backwards, landing behind the heroes. Meanwhile, Tabuu screamed, due to the loss of his wings.


Gradually, the giant fox shrank back as his appearance changed. After some seconds, the giant fox became somebody else. It was a thirteen year-old boy with blond spiky hair, blue eyes, and three marks on each of his cheeks. He had a blue headband, with the symbol of a leaf on it, on his forehead. He was wearing an orange and blue coat with a white collar and a red circle on the back, orange pants and blue shoes that showed his toes. He also had a small white bag on the left side of his waist and a shuriken holster on his right leg. His name is Naruto Uzumaki. The latter was laying on his stomach and he tried to get up. Soon enough, Bugs seemed to recognize the newcomer.

“Huh… Naruto? Naruto… Uzumaki?!” exclaimed the rabbit as he ran towards the ninja.

“Oh, no. Not that stupid ninja!” complained Daffy.

Bugs came besides Naruto and helped him to stand up. The blonde ninja recognized the rabbit and smirked.

“Hi there, Bugs.” said Naruto.

“Naruto, are ya alright?” he asked.

“Yeah. A bit exhausted after what I did, but I’m fine.” answered the ninja.

“Bugs, you know this boy?” asked Spidey.

“Sure! He’s Naruto Uzumaki! Along with Daffy, Porky, Lola, Sam, Marvin, Elmer and Melissa, I competed against him and the other ninjas from Konoha at the Olympic Games!” replied Bugs.

“A bunch of Looney Tunes who compete against Anime ninjas during the Olympic Games? That’s… very strange and unusual.” said Michelangelo.

“Not as strange and unusual as four mutated turtles who practice ninjutsu and eat pizzas.” ointed Raphael.

“You have a point there, dude.”

“You know, I tried to come here as fast as I could. I guess I arrived just in time.” said Naruto.

“By the w-w-w-way, Naruto, how d-d-d-did you have been a-a-a-able to become that g-g-g-g-g… that huge fox?” asked Porky.

“Oh, simple. That was my Final Smash. I knew it would be useful to bring a Smash Ball with me.” answered the ninja.

“I can’t help thinking about how completely ironic this is. I mean, this character is supposed to be representing Sonic; a character VERY well-known for his speed. The irony is, for all of Sonic’s infamous speed, he was STILL the last hero to show up in the actual game and didn’t pop up until the very last battle.” said Mandy.

“Oh! I like Sonic! He’s so cool! Especially when he eats a mushroom and when he shoots fireballs from his hands!” exclaimed Billy.

“You’re an idiot, you know that?” asked Mandy, rhetorically.

“ENOUGH!” Everyone turned to see Tabuu. The latter seemed to be more angry than ever. “YOU!” He pointed towards Naruto. “You have no idea how much you’ll regret this move! You, and everyone else! You will all know what the definition of pain really means! Believe it!”

However, hearing that, Naruto gradually became furious.

“HEY! Stop making fun of that catchphrase of mine, OKAY!?! I stopped using it a long time ago, SO SHUT UP OR I’M GONNA KICK YOUR BUTT!!!” Soon, the ninja put his hands together. “Shadow Clone Jutsu!” Then, many clones of Naruto appeared around the original. They all took a shuriken each. “Let’s go!”

Soon enough, all the clones charged and hit Tabuu as much as they can.

“Woah, he was able to summon many clones of himself…” All of sudden, this gave an idea to Jasmine. The latter turned around to see her blue-skinned friend. “Genie! Do you think you can summon ALL the Assist Trophies?”

“I’m not sure, Jasmine. But I’ll try it anyway.” The blue being shooted some lightnings, which made a whole bunch of Assist Trophies to land besides the heroes. “Well, what do ya know? It works!”

“Quick, everyone!” ordered Bugs. “Grab an Assist Trophy and hold it up!”

Everyone agreed and all the Assist Trophies were held up in the air. Soon, Scooby-Doo, Buzz Lightyear, Ace Ventura, Popeye the Sailor, Vlad Plasmius, Eric Cartman, April O’Neil, Garfield the Cat, the Merchant, Tom, Jerry, Marvin the Martian, Woody Woodpecker, Juniper Lee, Darkwing Duck, Rayman, Stalker, the Kids Next Door, Sora, Moe Szyslak, Rafiki, the Ninja Monkey, Rocky, Mugsy, Nasty Canasta, Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Guano and Donkey appeared among the SSB fighters. As usual, Darkwing Duck appeared all while being covered of smokes.

“I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the razor in the barbershop of justice! I am Darkwiiiiiing Duck!”

“Oh! Look, Mandy! A third duck with no pants! It’s so funny!” said Billy. All of sudden, he talked like if he was hypnotized. “I see duck people!”

Mandy looked around and saw Homer, Goofy, Cheese, Michelangelo, Taz, Eduardo and SpongeBob.

“I see DUMB people” she said, with her usual glare.

“Well, one good thing is certainly going to come out of all of this hassle.” said Woody.

“And what that good thing is?” asked Garfield.

“We all get a second cameo in this story.” answered the woodpecker.

At this moment, Cartman noticed Stewie among the heroes. He was instantly furious about that.

“Oh, no! No way! I refuse to work with this baby! I HATE his show!” groaned out Cartman.

“Listen here, Cartman, is it? Anyway, I would like to point out that, as far as the working together stuff goes, we don’t have much choice in the matter. After all, several of the heroes here are being forced to ally with their arch-ennemies, so swallow that pride and keep your big mouth shut!” snapped the baby.

“Yeah, Cartman! Just shut up!” exclaimed Stan.

“Aw, seriously, guys!” Then, the fat boy sighed. “Okay then. I’ll help you guys. But if it’s too much for me, I’m gonna screw you and going home!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” said Kyle.

“Shut up, Jew!”

“You shut up, fatty!”

At the same time, Marvin noticed a familiar duck.

“You!” they both exclaimed together.

‘Once I’ll get rid of Tabuu, I’ll get rid of you, Dodgers!” claimed Marvin.

“Yeah, right! I have no doubt you’re gonna beat him, Martian.” said Daffy, sarcastically.

“Stop talking sarcastically to me like that, stupid duck!”

Meanwhile, Tabuu was able to defeat Naruto’s clones, who all disolved into smokes. The ninja landed on the ground. Tabuu was weaker, but he was still a great adversary. All of sudden, Naruto noticed there was an Assist Trophy near him. One that wasn’t used yet. The ninja took the Assist Trophy and held it up. Just like all the previous times, somebody appeared. It was a thirteen year-old boy with black hair and black eyes. Just like Naruto, he had a blue headband, with the symbol of a leaf on it, on his forehead. The boy was wearing a blue shirt with a raised collar and a red and white fan symbol on the back, white shorts, two white bands that covered his forearms and blue shoes that showed his toes, along with some white bandages that covered his legs. His name is Sasuke Uchiha. The black-haired ninja looked around and noticed a familiar face.

“Naruto? What’s going on?” asked Sasuke.

“Sasuke! There’s this huge guy named Tabuu who plans to take over the world. We must stop him!” said Naruto.

“As usual, you need my help. Why am I not surprised?” said the black-haired ninja.

“Hey! Enough with that! Just help us, will ya?!” said Naruto, annoyed by his rival’s comment.


All of sudden, Sasuke noticed a familiar baby among the heroes. The baby started to sweat nervously.

“Oh, crap…”

“Hey! You’re that baby, Stewie Griffin!” exclaimed Sasuke.

“Who? Me? Oh, you’re doing a mistake here. I’m his twin brother. My name is… hum… Steven. Yes! Steven Griffin! That’s my name! Stewie is like my evil twin, ya know.” said Stewie, chuckling nervously.

“Yeah, right…” said the black-haired ninja, sarcastically. Sasuke sighed before looking up to see Tabuu. After watching the villain for a moment, he did some moves with his hands together before putting them on the ground. Some seconds later, a ball of lightings appeared in his hands. The ball sounded like many birds chirping together. Keeping the ball in one hand, Sasuke ran towards Tabuu. The black-haired ninja jumped in the air and hit the villain with the ball of lighting. “Chidori!”

This caused Tabuu to yell in pain. Sasuke landed on the ground. Soon, all the other Assist Trophies decided to attack Tabuu. Scooby tried to forget his fear of monsters and bite Tabuu on the leg. Buzz flied high enough to shoot him with his lazer. Ace called all his animal friends and they all charged towards the villain. Popeye ate some spinach and punched Tabuu right on the jaw. Plasmius flied in front of Tabuu. He shooted some ecto-blasts at him. Cartman decided to use his sai against the adversary. Unlike last time, he didn’t fart at all. April came with her sword. She slashed at Tabuu as many as she could. Tabuu tried to avoid the Assist Trophies’ attacks. He teleported himself many times around the platform. Each time he teleported, he left an explosion to hit his adversaries. Garfield threw an anvil at the transparent guy. Tom didn’t care as he chased Jerry once again. The latter climbed up Tabuu and went on top of his head.

“Leave my head alone, rodent!” exclaimed Tabuu.

All of sudden, Tom tried to hit Jerry with a wooden mallet, but the mouse ran away and the mallet hit Tabuu instead. Seeing the villain being even more furious, the cat ran away in fear. Without waiting any longer, Marvin took his blaster and shooted many times at Tabuu. Quickly, Woody came and hit the villain many times with his beak, just like what a woodpecker would do on wood.

“Who’s laughing now? Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Heheheheheheheheh!” laughed the blue-feathered bird.

June charged towards the transparent figure very fast. She jumped before punching and kicking him many times. Then, it was Darkwing’s turn. The superhero from St. Canard took his gas gun and used it to shoot boxing gloves at Tabuu. Rayman used his cans one by one, throwing tornado fists, red fists and metallic jaws at the villain. Stalker shooted metal darts to the antagonist. The Kids Next Door used their several gadgets as well. Sora took his Keyblade and slashed at the villain. Mickey, Donald and Goofy even came to help him. Then, Moe took his riffle and, again, used it to hit Tabuu. Rafiki came and attack with his staff. The Ninja Monkey did some ninja moves against the one behind the invasion. Rocky, Mugsy and Nasty Canasta took their guns and shooted at the villain. All of sudden, the Warners jumped on Tabuu’s shoulders, with the former being perplexed to see these cartoon characters on his shoulder.

“Say, how does it feel to look like a giant Smurf?” asked Yakko.

“Are you friends with the Blue Beetle?” asked Wakko.

“Do you know Sonic the Hedgehog?” asked Dot.

“You must be feeling blue right now, right?”

“Let me guess, your favorite fruit is blueberry, isn’t it?”

“Are you Mega Man’s father?”

Soon enough, Tabuu was irritated by them as he grabbed them and threw them on the ground.

“Enough with your stupid questions!” he yelled.

“This guy doesn’t have a sense of humour at all.” said Yakko to the readers.

Once again, Guano tried to attack the bad guy. Unfortunately, Tabuu grabbed the purple creature and threw him away, with the latter screaming in fear.

“Hey there! I’m Donkey.” said Donkey, presenting himself to the villain. “What kind of movies do you like? Personally, I like comedy films. I don’t really like horror films, with all these monsters and…”

“NO MORE TALKING!” yelled Tabuu.

He fired many magical bullets towards the gray-furred animal before firing a powerful energy blast. Donkey ran away to avoid it. It was at this moment that the Merchant came with a huge bag on his shoulder.

“Alright, who wants a Smash Ball?” he asked.

Soon, he emptied the bag and a whole lot of Smash Balls appeared among the heroes. Pretty much all the fighters smiled in joy. Because of the Mechant, they will be able to beat Tabuu very soon.

“Come on, everyone!” exclaimed Bugs. “Let’s show to that maroon what we can do when he have such a big power! This is our last chance!”

Knowing their job was done, the Assist Trophies disappeared. Sasuke glared one last time at Stewie before disappearing. The latter sighed in relief.

“Phew! That was close…”

Homer was the first one to grab a Smash Ball. As he crushed it, his skin became green once again.


The fat man jumped on the villain and punched him as much hard than what the Incredible Hulk could do. Tabuu roared in pain.

“You cannot defeat me! I am the perfect living being ever! Your world is doomed! No one can save it from me! I am Tabuu, ruler of Subspace! You will all bow before me! There’s nothing…”

“Shut the hell up!” exclaimed Bender.

The robot took a Smash Ball and crushed it. The Smash Ball became a bottle of beer, to wich he drank quickly. Then, Bender belched fire from his mouth once again. The fire hit Tabuu.

“Nobody’s gonna take over the world before me!” thought Stewie.

The baby crushed a Smash Ball. Stewie transformed into a giant Robot Rupert. It looked like any other Robot Rupert, except it was huge and seemed to be as ferocious as a living bear. He charged towards Tabuu, slashing him with his claws and punching him. Then, the baby came back to his normal appearance. The transparent figure teleported himself among the heroes. Then, energy was releashed from his body, circling around him and hitting the fighters. The Green Goblin broke a Smash Ball, which caused a whole bunch of pumpkin bombs to fall from the sky and to land on the one behind this invasion, hurting him.

“Spider-Men, I summon you all!” shouted Spidey after he broke a Smash Ball.

Soon enough, the same five alternate Spider-Men from earlier appeared. They all fighted the transparent figure, except the one who was an actor. After punching Tabuu several times, the five Spider-Men disappeared. After that, SpongeBob appeared, once again riding a giant jellyfish who shocked Tabuu with electricity. Meanwhile, a Smash Ball landed between Bebop and Rocksteady.

“Hey! Here’s our chance to do our Final Smash!” exclaimed the warthog.

“Okay!” agreed the rhino.

Both jumped towards the Smash Ball. However, since they were face-to-face, they hit each other with their heads. Both fell on the ground, rubbing their head. Raphael took the Smash Ball, smirking.

“Time for the Nightwatcher to appear again!”

The red-masked turtle crushed his Smash Ball. The other turtles did the same thing. Raph became the Nightwatcher and used his manriki against the adversary. Donatello was back in his giant turtle fighting robot. He punched Tabuu as many times as possible. The transparent figure summoned the Chain of Light, one of the chains he used to control Master Hand. With the chain, he grabbed Michelangelo and threw him on the ground. Groaning a bit, Mikey found a Smash Ball near him and used it. He was the Turtle Titan once again. Using the shield to defend himself, the orange-masked turtle hit the ennemy with the help of his grappling hook. Leonardo summoned the Sword of Tengu and slashed Tabuu many times with it. The transparent figure threw a large boomerang that hurt some of the heroes, even hitting them twice.

“This guy is definitely harder to defeat than Shredder.” thought Leo.

Just like before, Billy and Mandy summoned Grim’s scythe. With that thing, they were able to summon many monsters to attack the one behind the invasion. Stan and Kyle both crushed a Smash Ball at the same time. They transformed into Anime versions of themselves again. They gave hit to Tabuu with their martial art weapons. Tabuu summoned a cannon that looked like a black lizard. With the cannon, he shooted a mighty laser on the heroes. Terry appeared on the same Batmobile he used recently. He charged towards Tabuu, hurting him hard. Imaginary Man decided it was time for him to use his Final Smash. After he broke his Smash Ball, he shooted a lazer at Tabuu with his hands. Nemesister did the same thing with his Final Smash, except that she was shooting flowers at the villain.

“Okay, guys! Together, we can do it.” said Mac.

The boy broke a Smash Ball. This caused Eduardo to shoot fire with a flamethrower, Wilt to shoot a laser from a ray gun and Coco to shoot water from her mouth, all towards the one behind the invasion. Cheese broke a Smash Ball too. Just like before, he cried very hard. Tabuu winced in pain because of the imaginary friend’s cry. Meanwhile, Goo crushed a Smash Ball as well. She sang as large music notes litteraly appeared and charged towards the villain.

“One day, I’ll become a singer!” she said.

Tabuu appeared on one side of the platform. He summoned a large red sword and charged towards his numerous adversaries. Bloo appeared on top of a giant paddleball and used it to do some damages on Tabuu. A huge gun appeared from Skulker. The bounty hunter shooted a powerful blast on the ennemy. After breaking another Smash Ball, Tucker became a giant robot. With this form, he tried to hit the villain as many times as possible. Danny, his halfa friend, sended a ghostly wail on Tabuu. Pete punched a Smash Ball. It allowed him to summon the Beagle Boys and to order them to attack the transparent figure. Goofy became Super Goof and used his super-strenght by giving punches to Tabuu.

“Gawrsh! Take that, Tabuu!”

Donald rose his hand in the air after an aura covered him. Soon, lightning appeared to strike on the transparent figure. Mickey took a Smash Ball and cut it in a half with his Keyblade. Once again, he was wearing the same red cloak and blue hat he wore during his fight against Gossamer. He appeared on top of a big rock. Classical musics was played once again. The mouse did some moves with his hands. He pointed towards the villain. Water hurted him. Mickey shooted lighting balls on Tabuu. Then, he came back to his original appearance. The transparent figure pointed towards where Mickey and his friends were. The places they were standing on exploded, hurting them. After she crushed a Smash Ball, Kim charged a powerful laser. Then, she unleashed it towards Tabuu. However, this caused her battlesuit to disappeared. She was now wearing her usual clothes, which consisted of a black shirt, dark green pants, a brown belt, black shoes and black gloves

“Well, looks like Wade will have to repair the battlesuit again.” she thought.

All of sudden, Jafar shooted some spells at the ennemy, with the help of his scepter. Tabuu yelled in pain.

“I beat you before, Jafar. You ain’t gonna beat me, you snake!” exclaimed the transparent figure.

Hearing what Tabuu just said, Jafar smiled sinisterly. Grabbing a Smash Ball from the floor, the sorcerer broke it with his scepter. He was soon covered with an aura. Slowly, he walked towards Tabuu. Jafar was still smiling sinisterly.

“A snake, am I?”

“Uh-oh, Tabuu’s gonna regret that.” said Aladdin, gulping while his friends nodded.

“Perhaps you’d like to see how ssssssssnake like I can be!”

All of sudden, Jafar transformed into a giant black, yellow and red cobra with sharped teeth. Everyone looked in amazement. The giant cobra bite Tabuu many times. He also hit him with his tail. Some moments later, Jafar’s Final Smash ended as he came back to his normal appearance.

“My turn!” exclaimed Genie. He broke a Smash Ball, which became a walkie-talkie. “Code red, everyone! Code red!”

Again, many Genies as profesionnal cops appeared among the heroes.

“Code Red! Code Red! Code Red! Code Red!”

Soon, many Genies surrounded the transparent figure.

“Do not attempt to move, or… well, you know what.”

Then, all the Genies shooted many times at Tabuu with their weapons. Some seconds later, all the Genies disappeared, except for the original one.

“You ain’t the only one who can change his appearance, blue creature!” exclaimed the transparent figure.

Tabuu changed his appearance and became a wide spear. He charged and hit the heroes before going back to his normal appearance. Jasmine crushed another Smash Ball. A huge tornado made of sand appeared from her body. As the princess pointed towards Tabuu, the tornado threw all the sand on the villain, hitting him. Soon, the transparent figure was surrounded by a ring of fire. Quickly, Aladdin came and slashed at the villain several times before giving one final strike at him.

“I’ll show him that nobody mocks Mr. Swackhammer like that!” said Swackhammer, glaring at the Tabuu.

Soon, he grabbed a Smash Ball and broke it too. This caused a spaceship to appear. The boss of Moron Mountain went into the spaceship. He used it to charge towards Tabuu and hit him very hard. The one behind the invasion came near the imaginary friends. Quickly, he slashed repeatdly the imaginary friends. All of sudden, a remote control appeared on the hands of Wile E. Coyote. The latter pushed on the button, which caused a missile to hit Tabuu. Jake appeared with two huge water pistols in his hands, as well as springs under his feet. He shooted a lot of water on the villain. The latter was annoyed by that.

“Stop it with the water, fool!”

Some seconds later, the water pistols and the springs disappeared. All of sudden, Elmer appeared in front of Tabuu.

“Alwight, Tabuu. You will wegwet to have betwayed us!” The hunter broke a Smash Ball as well. The bald man started to transform himself into something else. He became a floating giant red head, with yellow and red eyes. He had a black band around his head, with yellow circle and bright purple triangle on it. The body looked like a machine. Elmer’s new form also had many short arms, compared to the huge head. Two of the arms were claws, one arm was a drill and the last one was a gun. “I am the Mothew Fudd!”

“Hey! He was like that in one episode of my sci-fi show!” exclaimed Daffy.

“So, here’s another reason to why he was casted as Bowser.” said Bugs.

“Y-y-yeah, it’s a g-g-good transformation to r-r-replace the Giga B-B-Bowser transformation.” agreed Porky.

Soon, Elmer shooted many times with the laser gun that was behind the triangle above his eyes.

“Take that, you wascally evil pewson! Heheheheheheheh!”

Some moments later, the bald man came back to his normal appearance. Taz broke a Smash Ball. He span around repeatdly and became as powerful as a tornado. He charged towards Tabuu and hurt him with a lot of hits. The villain teleported himself on the center of the platform. He sended many copies of himself, hitting his ennemies.

“Now, it’s my turn to teach a lesson to that varmint!” exclaimed Sam. The outlaw crushed a Smash Ball. Soon enough, he was wearing a black armour, similar to what medieval knights were usually wearing. Carrying a sword, Sam was riding a green dragon. “Great horny toads! That’s quite a nice reference to that award-winning short I once starred. Anyway, I’ll hurt that varmint so hard, he will become nothing more than a bunch of dust!”

With the dragon, Sam went towards Tabuu. He was able to slash at him with his swords. Then, Lola jumped high in the air before throwing her basket-ball on the ground. This caused the ground to shake like an earthquake. Random platforms fell from the sky, hitting the transparent figure. The latter transformed himself into two golden brackets. He flied across the stage and grabbed SpongeBob before throwing him on the ground. The villain came back to his normal appearance while the sponge felt like he was having a headache. Meanwhile, Porky became a muscular pig. He punched Tabuu several times using all the strenght he had.

“Come on, buster!” said Daffy. “Try to beat me!” The duck crushed a Smash Ball. He was again wearing his Stupor Duck suit. He flied up in the air. Then, he flied towards the one behind the invasion and punched him repeatdly. Some moments later, his suit disappeared while he was still in mid air. He looked down before looking towards the readers. “Mother…” He fell towards the ground and landed on Porky. The latter found himself laying on the ground. “Stop dreaming, Porky! We have a bad guy to defeat.”

“Here’s my turn!” exclaimed Bugs.

The rabbit took a Smash Ball from the ground. Tabuu noticed it.


Quickly, the transparent figure fired a laser on the Smash Ball. The latter was thrown away into the air and fell off the platform. Bugs was shocked to see that happening. Then, he seemed to be annoyed. He glared towards Tabuu before jumping off the platform and diving into the nothingness.

“Bugs!” exclaimed most of the heroes.

Carpet was about to fly to save the rabbit. Suddenly, Tabuu summoned a powerful barrier around the platform. Carpet found himself crushed against the barrier. Abu and Iago helped him to be unstuck. Lola ran towards the barrier and pounded on it many times.

“Bugs! No! Not you! BUGS!!!”

Gradually, she stopped to hit the barrier and started to cry. She covered her face with her hands. Porky came near her and tried to comfort her by putting his hands on her shoulders.

“It’s al-al-alright, Lola. W-w-w-we’re here.”

The pig was sad as well, after what Bugs did. The other heroes were sad too. Even Daffy couldn’t help but making some tears, even though he tried all his best to do it discreetly. Bugs may have been his rival during all these years, but he still felt like he was gonna miss something without him. The only ones who didn’t feel sad where the villains. All except Elmer, Sam and Swackhammer. These three were shocked to see the rabbit abandonning like that. They knew he wasn’t the kind of guy to abandon before it’s over. While he received a lot of damages, Tabuu looked like he wasn’t ready to fail. He was proud of what he did. He could have endure more regular attacks from the fighters, but Tabuu had the feeling that one more Final Smash could have defeated him for good. Whatever how much powerful the rabbit’s Final Smash was, it was something he had to avoid at all cost if he wanted to take over the universe. The villain stood up and looked at the fighters.

“You think you can stop me? You are wrong!” The fighters turned to see Tabuu. They all glared furiously at him. “I’m still powerful enough to defeat you all! With all the fights you had during the Great Maze, as well as the current fight between you and me, you must be all tired and your muscles probably can’t stand anymore. You don’t have any Smash Ball either. Also, your ‘leader’ was already defeated without any difficulty. This will be far easier for me. I have no doubt that you will all be defeated and I will rule the entire universe!” Tabuu transformed himself into a giant. He was ready to fire lasers from his eyes. “Farewell, her…”


“Huh?” He looked up and noticed a hole in the barrier. His eyes widened in alarm. Everyone looked and saw something that made them cheer with joy. “NO! Not you!”

Above everyone, a certain rabbit, wearing a familiar superhero suit, was floating in the air, all while munching a carrot.

“Eh, you were expectin’ maybe the Easter Bunny?”

“Don’t tell me you were able to grab the Smash Ball while you were falling to your doom!?”

“Okay, doc. I ain’t gonna tell ya that.” shrugged the rabbit. “But here’s somethin’ I’m gonna do…” said Bugs, grinning.

The rabbit took a dash before flying towards the villain at super-speed. Not wanting to be defeated, Tabuu fired lasers from his eyes, towards Bugs. The latter dodged the lasers with the help of his super-speed. While flying very fast, the carrot eater readied his fist. Then, when he came very close to Tabuu, Bugs punched him with all his super-strenght.


The rabbit smirked as he looked towards Tabuu. The latter roared in pain. He had the feeling he was gonna explode in the following seconds.

“No! It can’t be! I am Tabuu! No one can’t beat me! I cannot believe that! That’s impossible! NOOOOOOOO!!!”



An explosion happened, covering where Tabuu was floating. When the smoke disappeared, Tabuu was gone, defeated by the Super Smash Bros. fighters. Smiling because of their victory, Bugs landed on the ground. As soon as he landed on it, Lola came and hugged him.

“Oh, Bugs! I was so worried about you!” she said, crying a bit.

“Don’t worry, Lola. I’m still here.” he said, hugging her back while his Super-Rabbit suit disappeared.

“You made us all worried to death, you know that?” asked Naruto.

“Yeah, sorry about that, guys. Good thing I had this fishin’ rod with me to catch the Smash Ball.” said Bugs, showing a fishing rod before throwing it away.

Everyone else, except maybe some of the villains, were all glad to see the rabbit alive. All of sudden, something strange happened as the entire Subspace started to shake like mad.

“Hey! What’s the big idea?” wondered Daffy.

“We defeated Tabuu. Everything’s gonna go back to normal!” said Terry.

One by one, every parts of Subspace disappeared. All the parts of the world that were sucked into Subspace by the Subspace Bombs were going back to their original places. As Subspace was disappearing, there was one thing all the fighters knew for sure: they won…

End of chapter.

This is, with no doubt, the longest fight I have ever written. Anyway, our heroes were able to defeat Tabuu and to save the world. Only one more chapter and the whole adventure will finally be finished.

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awsome exllcent and funny chapter
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Strong bad:It's over!

Yes,..yes it is over, but its a great way to end any good story.All the character's personalities are not even altered a bit. Looks just how they would react to this. Insert brawl theme and end theme plz :D
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Hey there. Thanks greatly for getting the second-to-last chapter up. I really appreciate you going to the effort. Once again, terrific work on the action, exchanges, humor, emotional content, references, characterizations and epilogue set-up in all the right places. I'll definitely be eagerly looking forward to the finale.
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