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To answer ghosthero’s question: No, I'm not planning to do a fanmake of Alice in Wonderland.

Chapter 26: Here Come Daffy, Stan and Pete

Some hours passed ever since our heroes have failed to save the world by being transformed into trophies by the evil Tabuu. It seemed like all hope was lost and that nothing could save the day. However, something extraordinary was going to happen, in Subspace itself. With all the events that happened during this adventure, Pete’s castle was now in Subspace. In the castle, three trophies were still there, laying on the ground: Daffy, Stan and Pete. They never have been restored and there was no else around to revived them. Suddenly, something shone on Daffy’s trophy and Stan’s trophy. It was the badges Pete put on them before Elmer came to steal Lola’s trophy. They glowed so brightly. Soon enough, a light covered both of them. Two seconds later, the boy and the duck were back to life, sitting on the ground.

“Huh?” asked Stan.

“…PICABLE!” yelled Daffy, finishing a line he started many chapters ago. Then, the duck looked around, with a puzzled look. “What the… Where am I?” Daffy noticed the boy near him. The duck recognized his fellow SSB fighter. “Stan? Stan Marsh? Where are we? Is that the place where all the unlockable characters end up? If that’s the case, don’t tell me you’re an unlockable character again, after you became a default character in the previous game!”

“I don’t know where we are, Daffy.” said the boy from South Park. Stan noticed the badge on Daffy’s beak. “What is that?”

He came a bit closer near the duck before taking the badge off.

“Ouch! Be careful, little brat!” exclaimed Daffy, rubbing his beak.

Stan didn’t pay attention to the duck as he looked closer at the badge. Then, he noticed Pete’s trophy and noticed a similarity between the badge and the cat.

“Who is that?” asked the boy.

Daffy turned around and noticed the cat’s trophy as well.

“Oh, that’s Pete. He’s Mickey Mouse’s archennemy. I once met him on the set when we filmed the final scene of ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’. He was only seen among the cartoon characters while I got the chance to say a line.” said the duck.

“We should revive him. He has probably an explanation to what’s happening right now.” said Stan.

The feathered Looney Tune simply shrugged. They came near the trophy and Stan touched it, reviving Pete. The latter woke up on his back, dazed because of the rock received on the head earlier.

“Oh… my head…” he said. Daffy and Stan looked closer. The cat noticed him as his eyes widened. “What?!” He stood up and realized that two of the three trophies he got were back to life. “Wait a sec… You two have been brought back to life because of the badges with my face, right?”

“What else? We are all alone, here!” snapped Daffy.

“So… it means it worked! That’s great!” exclaimed Pete. The cat patted their backs. The duck and the boy were confused about it. “My plan worked very well!”

“A plan? What plan?” asked Stan.

The cat didn’t listen. He looked at the entrance of his castle and smirked.

“Well, no more time to waste. We have some fighters to save!”

Pete was about to leave when Daffy quickly came in front of him, blocking the cat’s way and waving his hands around.

“WAIT A MINUTE! I have no idea what the heck’s going on! I have been transformed into a trophy, which I assumed it was because of you to begin with. I have been brought back to life by a badge with your face on it, along with Stan. We found you here as a trophy as well. You said your plan worked. I don’t know what the plan was. So… I’m so confused!” exclaimed Daffy. “And so, I need an explanation, right now!”

“I admit I need an explanation too.” agreed Stan.

Pete looked at the duck and at the boy. Then, he sighed.

“Okay. You want to hear why are you here? Okay, then. It all started somedays ago…” said Pete.

“I smell a flashback coming at this moment…” said Daffy.


Many days ago…

In Mouseton, the door of a house opened, with Pete coming out of the house. He yawned a bit before going besides the mail box. He took the letters in it and started checking them.

“So, let’s see… bills, bills, ads, bills, ads, ads… Huh?” All of sudden, he noticed a strange letter, with the Super Smash Bros. logo on it. “What is it?” The cat threw the other letters away before opening the envelop. Pete started reading the letter. “Dear Black Pete, bla-bla-bla, as of today, bla-bla-bla, and that’s why, bla-bla-bla, we have the honor to tell you that you have been accepted to be part of the next Super Smash Bros. tournament, bla-bla-bla… Wait, what?”

The cat read the letter another time, realizing what the letter was about. After realizing it, he stared at it in disbelief.

“I’m accepted?... I’m accepted… I’m accepted! Yes!” he exclaimed with a smile. “Hurray! I’m gonna be an official fighter of the Super Smash Bros. tournament! It’s wonderful! I should tell that to someone, but who?” The cat pondered for a minute until he got an idea. “Ah! I should tell it to one of my fellow Disney Villains. I think I’m gonna start with Jafar.”

The cat put the letter in his pocket. Then, he went into his car and start driving towards Agrabah.

Many hours later, Pete stopped his car in the desert, right behind a rock. He looked to the front of the rock and noticed a small cave with a door made of wood.

“This is where Jafar is hiding ever since Hades brought him back to life a second time.” thought Pete.

He was about to go near the cave when he saw the door being opened. Quickly, the cat hidden himself behind the rock. Making sure that he wouldn’t be spotted, Pete looked and saw Jafar going out of the cave. The sorcerer locked the door with magic. After that, he used the magic from his scepter to make a black-furred horse with wings appearing near him. Jafar went on the flying horse and started riding it. As the sorcerer flied into the sky, Pete went into his car and followed the horse discreetly.

“Looks like the sorcerer is going somewhere. I’m curious to see where…” said Pete, with an evil grin.

Later on, the horse stopped in a dark alleyway. Seeing that no one was looking, Jafar went into the nearest wall and disappeared, like if there was an invisible door in it. Pete discreetly followed him and went into the wall as well. Some moments later, the sorcerer came into a room, filled with plenty of statues. Pete decided to hide himself behind one of the statues. He took a look at what was happening. So far, other than the cat himself, there was two other people: Jafar and Elmer Fudd. The latter didn’t notice the sorcerer’s presence yet.

“Elmer Fudd? I’m surprised to see you there.” said Jafar.

The bald man turned around to see the sorcerer.

“Jafaw? You have been invited hewe too?” he asked.

“Apparently, yes. I’m wondering who invited both of us here.”

“You ain’t the only one to ask himself this question, varmint!”

Both Elmer and Jafar turned around to see the one who spoke. Elmer recognized the guy: Yosemite Sam.


“You know this guy?” asked Jafar.

“Yeah. He’s Yosemite Sam. He’s fwom Looney Tune Land too.” answered the hunter.

“I hope this meeting ain’t gonna take a while. I was planning to rob a bank today and I don’t wanna miss ‘Two and a Half Men’ today.” said Sam. The other two looked at him oddly. “What? Only because I’m an outlaw doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy good sitcoms!”

“…’kay.” said Elmer.

“So, I have to team up with you three as well, huh?”

Another guy came in the room. This time, it was the Green Goblin.

“Who the heck are you?” asked Sam.

“I’m Norman Osborn, but I’m more infamous as the Green Goblin!”

“I heard about you. Your life had been a misery because all your plans were ruined by a despicable young man who use his wits to defeat his ennemies. I feel the same pain.” said Jafar.

“You too? If that’s the case, I can’t believe we both have the same kind of ennemy.” said Spidey’s archennemy.

“Unfortunately, it’s true.” said Al’s archennemy.

“Fortunately, someone will tell me why I’m here!”

Again, another villain came into the place. The villain was none other than Mr. Swackhammer. Elmer and Sam had their eyes widening in alarm.

“You!?” they both exclaimed.

“You!?” exclaimed Swackhammer.

“You know each other as well?” asked the Green Goblin.

“Yes. That varmint is called Mr. Swackhammer! He once tried to capture all the Looney Tunes but failed and was sent back to Moron Mountain!” yelled Sam.

“I’m not in good terms with you as well, but I’m pretty sure we all have been brought here to team up together.” said Swackhammer.

“That’s what I thought too.”

Once again, another villain made his appearance. The villain’s name was Skulker.

“Who awe you?” asked Elmer.

“I’m Skulker, bounty hunter.” he answered. “Whoever invited us better have a good reason or I’m outta here.”

“You’ll know the reason right now!”

Soon enough, a familiar giant hand came near the bunch of villains.

“Master Hand!” they both exclaimed.

“Exactly. I ask all of you to come here because I want you be part of my invasion. I plan on invading the world and all of you will help me to make it possible. Your job will be to transform heroes from anywhere in the world into trophies with the help of cannons. In exchange, you will have your own rewards.” explained Master Hand.

The villains looked at each other, both puzzled and interested at the same time.

“What kind of wewards do you mean?” asked Elmer.

“Well, let’s take you for example. If you help me, I assure you that you will get the chance of getting rid of Bugs Bunny.” said the giant hand.

“Wait, you mean that wascally wabbit?” Then, the hunter smiled in joy. “Oh, gweat! That wabbit always twied to tuwn me cwazy. He will finally pay for all the twicks he did on me! Heheheheheheheh!”

“I always wanted to see that varmint paying for all the tricks he did on me as well, but what else can I get if I help you?” asked Sam.

“You will have lots and lots of gold.” answered Master Hand.

At this moment, Sam’s eyes became slot machines and they both stopped at the dollar sign.

“Great horny toads! Then, count me in!” he exclaimed gleefully.

“As for you, Jafar, you will rule Agrabah and no one, not even a genie, would be able to stop you.”

Jafar thought about it.

“Can I also have Princess Jasmine falling in love with me?” he asked.

“Sure, if you want to.”

At this moment, the sorcerer smiled evily.

“Wait, you awe in love with that pwincess?” asked Elmer.

“Not at all! She’s annoying. BUT, if she falls in love with me, then it will be ONE more victory for me against that street rat.” he said sinisterly.

“Oh! I see.” said the hunter.

“Osborn, you always wanted to defeat Spider-Man once and for all, right? If you help me, that dream of yours will be true.”

“Defeating Parker… It’s already enough to convince me!” agreed the Green Goblin.

“Your turn, Swackhammer. You will own the greatest theme park in the universe. And everyone in the universe will be forced to buy a ticket. That means a lot of money, don’t you think?”

“The idea seems good… Alright, I’ll be part of it!” said Swackhammer.

“And now, Skulker. I know you want to capture that ghost boy since a while now. If you help me… well, you get the idea.”

The ghost bounty hunter smirked when he heard that.
“Okay then! That ghost child will lose this time.”

“Great. Now that you all agreed to be part of my invasion, allow me to introduce to you another member of our organization.”

Master Hand pointed to his left and somebody else appeared. It was the Ancient Minister, Bender in disguise.

“Who is that?” asked Elmer.

“I’m… huh… the Ancient Minister.” he said.

“His job will be to put as many bombs that specifically designed around the world as possible. These bombs will draw parts of the world into the dimension now as Subspace. Got it?” The villains all nodded. “Now, it’s time for us to prepare our invasion. Let’s not waste any more time.” said Master Hand.

The others agreed as they left the place. When they all left, Pete appeared from behind the statue. He heard everything. Soon, the cat thought about all this.

Many minutes later, Pete was in his car, thinking about the villains’ reunion.

“So… Master Hand and all these baddies are planning to take over the world, huh?... But they’re planning to do it WITHOUT me? Why they didn’t invite me? I am mean too! This is scandalous! I’ll show them that nobody messes with me like that. I’m gonna… I’m gonna… stop this invasion! Yeah! That’s a great idea!”


Present time…

“I spied on Sam, the Goblin and the others to make sure I had everything I needed to know to stop them.” continued Pete to Daffy and Stan. “When I learned they planned to steal Donald’s aircraft carrier, I went on the aircraft carrier itself. Here, I learned about Master Hand’s true nature. He was controlled by an evil being known as Tabuu. This Tabuu is stuck into Subspace. He couldn’t leave it at all. So, he got the idea of using people from our world to control the Subspace Army. Tabuu also planned to transform all the Super Smash Bros. fighters into trophies with his large wings, so that nobody could stop him. When I tried to left the aircraft carrier, I accidentally bumped into Donald. He thought I was part of the invasion, so he decided to fight me.”
“That duck can be very stupid sometimes.” said Daffy, smirking.

“Anyway, I was able to escape the aircraft carrier. This is where I got the idea of doing badges that could restore someone who became a trophy, as well as including a timer in it. I didn’t have the technology I needed, so I stole some equipments from Giro Gearloose and Ludwig Von Drake. That’s why I transformed Daffy into a trophy and I tried to stole some other trophies. And that’s pretty much it.” finished the cat.

“But you ended up stealing only one trophy, which is me, that you probably stole from Yosemite Sam.” said Stan, remembering it was the outlaw who transformed him into a trophy.

“Yeah, but he also transformed that rabbit’s girlfriend into a trophy. What was her name again?” he asked to the duck.

“You mean Lola? Didn’t know she became a trophy because of the short-tempered cowboy.” he said with a shrug.

“Yep! That was her.” The cat looked around, noticing that Lola wasn’t here. “But now, I guess someone stole her after I became a trophy myself. Anyway, we have to save all the other heroes right now.”

“What? No way!” exclaimed Daffy. “There’s no way I’m gonna help a bunch of heroes who became trophies. Not only did I became an unlockable character once again in this game, but I only got one part in this story before the current chapter and we are near the end of the story! I deserve more screen time, sir! So, forget it! I ain’t gonna save the world and that’s it!”

The duck turned around, closed his eyes, crossed his arms and remained furious to the whole situation. Meanwhile, Pete started to be annoyed by the duck’s attitude. So, the cat grabbed Daffy by the neck and put him near his face, strangling him.

“Listen, Daffy. You’re gonna help us or I’m gonna make you suffer so hard that you’ll wish your mother was here!” he said, menacingly.

“Okay… okay… I’ll help you… save the world… you’re hurting me…” Pete releashed the duck, who was able to breath normally. “Alright… let’s go save all these people.”

“Right.” said both Pete and Stan.


The duck, the boy and the cat came out of the castle. They saw what the Subspace looked like and whistled in surprise.

“Looks like… a rather dark place.” said Daffy.

“Hey! There’s a trophy over there!” said Stan.

They looked to where the boy pointed. They saw Kim Possible’s trophy.

“The basic average girl herself.” said the duck. All of sudden, Primids appeared in front of them, blocking their way. “Oh, great…”

“Allow me.” said Pete.

The cat charged towards the robots, crushing them to pieces. One tried to hit him, but he threw a bowling ball at the Primid. Daffy and Stan were quite impressed by the cat’s fighting skills… well, mostly Stan.

“Ah! I could have done better!” said Daffy.

“Just shut up and go free the girl.” ordered Pete.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” The duck went near the trophy and touched it. Kim came back to normal. She noticed the presence of the duck. The latter noticed her jumpsuit. “Is that an updated look?”

“Daffy? How did you end up here?” she asked.

“Hum… long story. I’ll tell you later.” said Daffy before running with Pete and Stan.

The girl stood there, still wondering how these three end up here in Subspace. The trio came near two other trophies, which were Spider-Man and Tucker Foley.

“Danny Phantom’s sidekick and Marvel’s icon: not a bad discovery.” said the duck before touching the spider-hero’s trophy.

The latter recognized the former, even though they never met before.

“You… must be Daffy Duck, right?” asked Spidey.

“Oh! A fan of my works!” Immediately, Daffy took a piece of paper and a pencil from a hidden pocket. “It’s always a pleasure for me to give autographs to my fans. So… From Daffy to my greatest fan, Spider-Man.” He wrote the last part on the piece of paper.

“Wait, I didn’t ask you to…”

“Don’t be so shy. I know how nervous you must be to meet your idol, the one who inspired you. There, here’s your autograph.” The duck put the piece of paper in Spidey’s hand. “But don’t sell it on the Internet!” he exclaimed, pointing his finger to the superhero. Then, he became soft. “But I know you won’t sell it. You like me too much for that. And that’s great to hear.”

The superhero looked at the piece of paper. Then, he shrugged as he put it in a pocket. Meanwhile, Stan touched Tucker’s trophy. The later recognized the latter.

“Stan? I’m surprise to see you here.”

“Sorry, but we have to leave. See you soon, dude.” said Stan before continuing his way with Daffy and Pete. Some moments later, they arrived next to a trophy the boy recognized. “Kyle!” he exclaimed.

He rushed towards the trophy and touched it. Some seconds later, Kyle came back to normal. Suddenly, his eyes widened in surprise when he saw who saved him.

“STAN!” He stood up and smiled at his best friend. “Dude, I’m so glad to see you alive.”

“I’m so glad as well, Kyle.” said Stan, who smiled too. “Anyway, I’ll se you in some minutes. I have to finish a job with these two.” he pointed to the duck and the cat.

“Okay, dude.” said Kyle.

The trio continued his way until they found more Primids coming at them.

“I’ll handle this.” said Daffy with a determinated face. The duck took a bow from a hidden pocket as well as many arrows. Then, he turned to the readers before saying: “The bow and the arrow are all coming from Cartoonfan4072’s epic fic titled ‘Kingdom Hearts: Cartoon Adventures’! I recommend you to read this fic if you haven’t yet.”

The duck held a sign with the word ‘Plug’ on it before throwing it away. Daffy aimed at one of the Primids. However, he was holding the bow backwards. So, the arrow was shoot… right in the center of the duck’s body. The latter turned his head towards the readers as he laughed sheepishly. Then, he took the arrow from his body and put it back on the bow.

“Whoah, such a nice move.” said Stan, sarcastically.

“Hey! I was in my trophy form for about fifteen chapters! I haven’t practice my attacks ever since!” snapped the duck.

Daffy aimed carefully at the Primid. Then, he shooted an arrow right at the robot, destroying it as well. Seeing that it was a success, the duck repeated it many times on the other Primids, even though some of them were able to dodge them and he had to shoot more. Anyway, they were able to reach two other trophies. This time, it was Donatello and Raphael, revived by Stan and Pete.

“Oh, great. Two other Ninja Turtles.” said Daffy, remembering his fights with Leo and Mikey during the previous tournament. At this moment, he realized something. “Wait… I never noticed it before, but you two and the other two are similar to the Immature Radioactive Samurai Slugs.”

“The what?!?” asked Don and Raph.

“The Immature Radioactive Samurai Slugs. It’s a show one of my students at the Acme Looniversity is watching.”

“Don, did you hear that? Someone made a show that spoof us!” exclaimed Raph angrily.

“Calm down, Raph. Just calm down.”

“Now, if you excuse us, we have some other fighters to save.” said Pete, as he left along with the boy and the duck.

The trio climbed up a bunch of stairs until they arrived next to another trophy, which was Taz. Of course, the duck recognized him.

“That’s just great, the eat-anything beast himself.” he said sarcastically. “Oh, well. More muscles is welcome.”

Daffy touched the trophy. When Taz came back to normal, he started spinning around like a tornado, furiously.

“Wargh! Blargh! Rargh! Blargh! Blargh! Taz crush Tabuu! Rargh! Wargh! Blargh!”

“Let’s go before he tried to eat me!” screamed the duck, running away.

Pete and Stan rolled their eyes after seeing the duck’s reaction, but they followed him anyway. The trio went into another room. Again, there was two trophies, that were Mac and Bloo. Stan went near Mac and touched the trophy. Mac groaned as he stood up. Then, he noticed Stan. He seemed familiar to him.

“Wait a minute… are you Stan Marsh?” asked the boy.

“Yeah. But how do you know my name?” asked the boy from South Park.

“I met one of your friends, a boy named Kyle. I travelled with him and he gave me your description because he was searching you. Kyle’s probably somewhere in this Subspace.”

“Don’t worry, dude. I already restored him from his trophy form.”

“Oh! That’s great.” said Mac, with a smile. Then, he noticed the trophy near him. “Bloo!”

He quickly touched the trophy, with the imaginary friend going back to normal.

“Whoah… what happened?” asked Bloo.

“Tabuu transformed all of us into trophies.”

“Oh, yeah… I’ll show to that nasty evil strange being to not mess with Blooregard Q. Kazoo!” exclaimed the blue blob, waving his fist in the air.

The trio left the boy and his imaginary friend here as they searched for more trophies. All of sudden, a large Primid blocked their way and was about to hit them.

“Hey! You big ugly robot! Get out of our way or I’ll teach you a lesson!” exclaimed Daffy as he took a Smash Ball from a hidden pocket. He crushed the Smash Ball and clothes appeared on his body. It looked like a blue pyjama with a with a big red ‘S’ symbol in a yellow triangle and a red flowing cape. Soon, the duck flied into the air, pointed his finger towards the sky and took a heroic pose. “This looks like a job… for STUPOR DUCK!” All of sudden, he realized something. “Wait a sec…” Daffy took the script from his pocket and read some of the pages until he arrived to one part he was searching. “The rabbit ALREADY use THAT Final Smash!? This is despicable! I’m the one who thought of using it as a Final Smash first! And besides, I demand… Ah, forget it.”

The duck threw the script away before charging towards the Primid. Daffy punched him many times before giving him an uppercut that throw the large robot flying away. Some seconds later, the Final Smash stopped as Daffy’s costume disappeared and the duck landed on his butt. He rubbed his butt before standing out.

“Surprisingly, I was more effective here than the last time I parodied Superman. Oh well…” he shrugged.

The trio came near two other trophies, that were also the other two Ninja Turtles: Leonardo and Michelangelo. The trio touched them and they came back to normal.

“Dude, that Tabuu was way too strong.” said Mikey.

“I know, Mikey. I know.” said Leo. Then, he noticed the trio. “Daffy, Stan… I’m surprised to see you here, as well as that cat.”

“You’ll thank us later. We have something very important to do.” said Stan, leaving with the boy and the duck.

The trio arrived near a bunch of bombs. Near the bomb, two trophies were there. This time, it was Danny Phantom and Stewie Griffin.

“Okay. Listen to me carefully.” said Pete. “Don’t touch the…”


Stan and Pete covered their ears when they heard an explosion. As the explosion was finished, they saw a certain duck into ashes.

“…bombs.” finished the cat, glaring at the duck.

“Sorry, what did you say?” asked Daffy, sheepishly. Soon, he fell into ashes before going back to normal. “So, what are we waiting for? Let’s wake up these two.”

A couple of seconds later, Danny and Stewie were revived.

“For a moment, I thought I would become a full-ghost.” said the halfa.

“Oh, God. I never had something so painful ever since when I played the ‘E.T.’ game on Atari.” said Stewie, rubbing his forehead.


Stewie was sitting on the couch at his home. He was playing a game on his Atari console. He seemed to have some difficulties playing at this game. All of sudden, a sound was heard, obviously meaning ‘Game Over’. Furious by that, Stewie took the cartridge out of the console, took a chainsaw nearby him and used it to destroy the cartridge into many pieces. After that, he calmed down before angrily shouting: “Why did you let this happen, Spielberg? Why!? WHY?!?”


The trio continued to search more trophies. Then, they noticed a trophy on a platform that was far from them. On the platform, the trophy was none other than SpongeBob SquarePants.

“How are we gonna reach him?” asked Stan.

“Allow me.” said Daffy. Snapping with his finger, clothes appeared on him. It was the famous green and red Robin Hood suit he wore in one of his classic shorts. “Robin Hood will handle this!” He attached a rope on one arrow. He shooted the arrow with his bow towards a ceilling. The duck decided to use the rope to swing like Tarzan. “Yoicks and away!”


All of sudden, he slammed himself against a column he didn’t see.

“Yoicks and away!” exclaimed Daffy, a bit dazed.


Again, he slammed himself against a column.

“Yoicks and away!” exclaimed Daffy, more dazed.


Once again, the duck… well, you know.

“Yoicks and away!” exclaimed Daffy, even more dazed.


“Yoicks and away!” he exclaimed, more dazed than usual.




…and away!”


Seeing how many column he slammed himself into, Daffy became furious.

“Okay. That’s it!” He summoned an axe and cut all the columns that were standing on his way. After he was done, Daffy came back to his original position. “Yoicks and away!”

This time, the duck smirked when he saw all the columns he was able to avoid by cutting them. When all of sudden…


He slammed himself against another column, one he probably forgot. Fortunately, the column was just near the platform, which means the duck was able to land on it. He shook his head before he removed the Robin Hood suit of him. Then, Daffy touched the trophy. SpongeBob was revived. The latter noticed the duck.

“Oh! You came to save me! Thank you so much!” greeted the sponge.

“Well… thanks.” said Daffy, smirking proudly.

“But how did you come on this platform?” asked SpongeBob. “Oh! I know. You used your wings, right?”

At this moment, Daffy’s eyes widened in shock and his mouth was slack-jawed. He didn’t think of using his wings. That way, he could have avoid the columns more easily.

“Well… Ah, it doesn’t matter. Just hold on me while I fly.”

SpongeBob grabbed the duck who used his ability to fly until he reached Stan and Pete. The trio left the sponge as they tried to find more trophies, as usual. Then, they came across the trophy of Jake Tasmanian Devil and Terry McGuinnis AKA the future Batman. Of course, they revived them.

“Hey, Daffy! Nice to see you!” said Jake.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m glad to see you too.” said the duck, uninterested.

“I was wondering where you two have been.” admitted Terry to the boy and the duck. “I mean, all the fighters from the previous tournaments were doing something in this current adventure and I was surprised you two didn’t show up yet.”

“Well, that’s a long story.” said Stan.

“Now, if you excuse us, we’re trying to save all the fighters that became trophies in this Subspace. We’ll see you around.” said Pete before leaving with his two temporary partners.

Once again, the trio continued his way until they saw more Primids blocking their way.

“Stan, if you wouldn’t mind…” said the cat.

“Not a problem.”

The boy from South Park took his tonfas and used them to hit the robots. They were able to hit him, but the boy wasn’t giving up. Stan hit them as many times as he could until they were defeated. The boy was glad he won. He continued his way along with the cat and the duck.

“Look! Another trophy!” pointed Pete.

They all noticed the trophy and came near it.

“Hey! Wait a minute…” Daffy came closer to the trophy. His eyes widened when he realized who was this trophy: none other than Bugs Bunny himself. At this moment, the duck bursted into laughter. “I can’t believe it! Hahahahahaha! Even the rabbit became a trophy! Hahahaha!” At this moment, he smirked. “You know what? I’ll think we’ll just leave it there and worry about it later, so that…”


The duck noticed Stan and Pete glaring at him. He sighed desperatly.

“Okay, okay.” Then, he turned to the readers before saying with a glare: “Buddy pictures!”

Daffy touched the trophy. The rabbit was revived. Bugs found himself sitting on the ground, rubbing his forehead.

“Ouch, my head…” He looked up and noticed a familiar duck. “Eh! What’s up, duck?”, he asked, smiling.

“What’s up? Well, other than it’s probably the first time I saved your life…”

“First time ya saved my life? Come on, Daf! Ya saved my life before! Don’t ya remember when I was trapped into a paintin’ by Count Blood Count into that mansion ya won and ya had to save me with the help of Dr. I.Q. High?”

“Oh, yeah. I forgot that.” said the duck as he extanded his hand to help the rabbit standing up. “But I have to say the way I’ve been treated in this story is unacceptable! Prior to this chapter, I appeared in only ONE chapter without being a trophy while YOU got the chance to appear in about TEN chapters! This is certainly and totally unfair!”

“Heh, after ya became the star of your own spin-off series and the main character of our latest Christmas special, I thought ya wouldn’t mind appearing in less chapters here. Besides, I ain’t the guy who wrote this. And also…”

“Okay, okay. I get it. Why is it that you always win when we argue?!” Bugs simply smirked at him. “You’re despicable. C’mon guys! Let’s go!”

The duck decided to leave, along with Stan and Pete. Bugs stood here, munching a carrot and still smirking at his friend/rival.

“He’ll never change.” chuckled the rabbit.


Later on, the trio arrived next to Master Hand, still laying unconscious on the ground. Next to the giant hand, they saw the bunch of stairs that lead to the true ennemy. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“My God! Master Hand has been defeated! I mean, we always defeated him in the previous tournaments, but it looks like he’s been defeated by something more powerful.” said Stan.

“That’s the power of Tabuu, young boy.” said Pete. “Huh?” At this moment, he noticed another trophy near them. That was Elmer Fudd. “Time to wake up the hunter.”

“Wait, what? You’re gonna revived Elmer? Are you nuts?! This guy is a complete loser who always try to shoot me when Bugs isn’t around.” exclaimed Daffy.

“Did someone said my name?”

All of sudden, a familiar rabbit appeared besides the trio. As you can guess, Daffy glared at him.

“You don’t miss an opportunity to show yourself, don’t you!?”

“Nah. Ya are the one who’s more like that.”

Pete didn’t pay attention to the Looney Tunes as he came closer to the trophy and touched it. Soon, Elmer was revived. He seemed to be angry.

“Ooooh, that sowcewer will pay fow that! I need to welease my angew on something.” Then, the hunter noticed Bugs around him. “You! You wascally wabbit! Say youw pwayews!”

Elmer summoned a riffle and aimed at the rabbit. The latter yawned before moving the riffle towards Daffy.

“Duck season.” he said.

“Oh! No!” protested the duck. “Don’t even try that trick on me! It’s rabbit season!”

“Duck season.”

“Rabbit season!”

“Duck season.”

“Rabbit season!”

“Rabbit season.”

“Duck season! Don’t let him fool you, Elmer. It’s duck season and so, fire!” Elmer didn’t care as he shooted at Daffy. His beak fell on the ground. He quickly put it back to his place. “How come I STILL lose at that game?” wondered the duck.

Soon, Pete came between the hunter and his preys.

“Enough, Elmer. We have something more important to do!”

“Get out of my way, you fat idiot!” exclaimed the bald man.

“Okay! That’s it!” exclaimed the cat, not liking being called a fat idiot.

Pete and Elmer started fighting each other, punching each other. During this time, Daffy, Stan and Bugs simply watched the fight. Bugs summoned a bowl of popcorn, to which he shared with the boy and the duck. With his muscles and his weight, Pete was able to defeat the hunter, who became a trophy once again. Suddenly, Bugs appeared near the cat, dressed like a referee. He took Pete’s hand and held it in the air.

“And the winner is… Pete!” exclaimed the rabbit.

The cat came closer to the trophy and touched it for a second time. And yet, Elmer was still furious.

“You annoying cat! If you want mowe, I’ll give you mowe! And I’ll also…”

“Oh, knock it off, will you!” exclaimed Pete, slapping in his face.

“Ouch! That huwts!” complained the bald man.

“Listen to me for once, Elmer. Just turn around.”

The hunter turned around and noticed Master Hand, laying on the ground unconsciously. He also saw the staircase in front of the giant hand.

“What’s going on?” asked Elmer.

“Master Hand was under control by an evil being named Tabuu.” explained the cat. “He’s the real mastermind behind the invasion. He wanted to take over the world. He used you and the other villains to his own advantage. And the rewards he promised were only fake promises.”

“Oh… That’s a shocking wevelation.” said the hunter, shocked by that. “Does that mean we’ll have to stop him?”

“What do you think?!” snapped Daffy.

“And I guess there’s only one way to defeat him: all the heroes and villains here must team up together.” said Pete.

Everyone around him gasped at what he said. And he was right. It looked like the heroes and the villains will have to… team up together.

“Heh, for some reasons, I thought this would happen.” shrugged Bugs.

“Stop being so nonchalant, rabbit!” exclaimed the duck.

End of chapter.

This is probably the longest chapter I have ever written. Anyway, Daffy, Stan and Pete were able to rescue about half of the fighters. In the next chapter, it will be Mickey’s turn to do the same thing.

The flashback with the villains meeting before the beginning of the story is an idea used by some of my friends at the beginning of their Subspace Emissary fanmakes. While I found the idea being interesting, I decided to use it here as a flashback told by Pete to explain what he was doing during the whole adventure because… well, because it was a good place to fit it here. And when Pete said that he learned about Tabuu’s true nature on the aircraft carrier and he confronted Donald on the said aircraft carrier, it’s something that really happened to Dedede and Meta-Knight during the Subspace Emissary mode in SSBB, as stated on the official website. However, these cutscenes had to be deleted from the final version.

Daffy is using a bow and some arrows, as a reference to a fanfic written by Cartoonfan4072 titled “Kingdom Hearts: Cartoon Adventures”. Again, just like with Porky’s staff, I asked him the permission to let Daffy using a bow and some arrows in my Subspace fanmake, and he agreed. He also suggested to me to let Daffy wearing his “Robin Hood Daffy” clothes, as well as letting Porky wearing his friar clothes. I did the former in this chapter while using a famous joke from that short. I’ll probably do the latter in the next chapters. Once again, I thank you, Cartoonfan4072, for letting me using that element in my story. Thank you very much. And to my readers, don’t forget to read “KH: Cartoon Adventures” whenever you can. It’s a great story that deserves to be read and enjoyed by everyone.

Also, Daffy’s Final Smash is based on another Looney Tunes short, titled “Stupor Duck”, directed by Robert McKimson. His line “Buddy pictures!” is also a line he said in “Looney Tunes: Back in Action”, during a scene that was similar to here. Also, the first exchanges between him and Bugs was a reference to the game “Luigi’s Mansion”. Count Blood Count was mentionned here as an analogue to King Boo while Dr. I.Q. High was mentionned as an analogue to Elvin Gadd. Bugs also mentionned the Duck Dodgers TV series and the direct-to-video movie “Bah! Humduck: A Looney Tunes Christmas”. Oh! And I also put a reference to Tiny Toon Adventures here. Once again, the cutaway gag about the infamous video game developped by Atari and based on the famous movie “E.T. The Extraterrestrial” was just satirical… even though the said video game is definitely one of the worst games ever.

Boy, even the author's note was long! Anyway, read and review!
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