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I like your suggestions, Nightw2. I’ll be sure to use them.

And to the guy who ask where is the Sheik of this story, just read Nightw2’s review.

Chapter 23: The Ancient Minister’s Real Identity

Let’s go back to see Kim and Bloo. Right now, they were running in a corridor while the alarm was heard. They had no doubt that some robots would appear at any moment to try to stop them.

“I told you not to put your face into that security camera!” said Kim to the blob, glaring at him.

“What? I was sure I was gonna appear in a TV show!” answered Bloo.


The basic average girl and the blue blob ran soon into a bunch of futuristic robots. Kim used a grappling hook and used it to swing herself around and hit some robots. She used her agility to dodge shots coming from these mechanical baddies. Bloo used his paddleball against the robots, and it surprisingly worked. After beating some of them, they noticed an Assist Trophy appearing. Kim grabbed the Assist Trophy, held it up in the air and made another character appearing. This time, it was a brown-furred monkey wearing black ninja clothes.

“Cool! A ninja monkey!” said Bloo with joy.

The monkey jumped on one robot and punched it many times until it was destroyed. The ninja animal used his ninja abilities against the other Primids. Some seconds later he destroyed all of them. Proud of his work, the ninja monkey ate a banana from his pocket before disappearing in a flash.

“I’ve got help from one of Monkey Fist’s ninja monkey? That’s… unusual.” said Kim.


Later on, a door exploded, followed by Kim and Bloo appearing from that door. They slided on the ground before stopping in front of a familiar face to us: the Ancient Minister. Behind the figure, a whole army of futuristic robots were standing in front of a bunch of Subspace Bombs. Bloo already guessed he was the villain behind this invasion.

“Okay, mysterious villain! I’m here to kick butt and chewing gun… and I don’t have any gun! So, you better stop doing your evil things right now!” exclaimed the imaginary friend.

The two heroes were ready to fight him. All of sudden, the Ancient Minister looked down and sighed sadly. Kim and Bloo were surprised to see that happening.

“Is there something wrong?” asked the girl.

“Honestly, yes.” answered the Ancient Minister. “You may think I’m a villain, but no! I am not!”

“What? You mean you’re an anti-villain, like Magneto or the Brain from Animaniacs?” asked Bloo while arching an eyebrow… even though he doesn’t have an eyebrow.

“Nah, I would rather consider myself an anti-hero than an anti-villain. Because that’s what I am!”

“But what are you exactly?” asked Kim.


Meanwhile, Terry, Stewie, Taz, Jake, Goo and Cheese were searching for the main location on this island. On their way, they fighted more futuristic robots. They fighted a whole lot of them until they ended up in a dead end. Next to them, they saw some scratches made on the wall.

“Looks like we’ll have to make a hole in that wall.” said Terry. He turned around to see the Tasmanian Devil. “Taz, if you don’t mind…”

“Blargh! Wargh! Wargh! Okay. Blargh!” Soon enough, Taz span around, charged towards the wall and made a hole that was large enough for everyone to pass. The Tasmanian Devil landed on the same floor where Kim, Bloo and the Ancient Minister were standing on. “RAAAAAAARGH!” he roared loudly.

Without waiting, the others jumped and landed on the same floor. Bloo immediately recognized two of them.

“Hey! Hi, Goo!”

“Oh! Hello, Bloo! Wow! I didn’t expect to see you hear. That’s great!” said Goo.

Then, the blue bob turned to see Cheese. Soon, he became bored.

“Cheese… whatever.”

“Butterfly!” exclaimed Cheese randomly while Bloo rolled his eyes.

“Hey there, Kim.” saluted Terry.

“Hi, Batman. By the way, who are these ones?” asked Kim, noticing Jake and Stewie. Then, she arched an eyebrow. “And why is there a baby here?”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. Talking baby and all that stuff. That’s all you need to know about me, Stewie Griffin. And now shut up!” snapped the baby.

“…Okay.” she said uneasily.

“As for me, I’m Jake Tasmanian Devil. Taz is my brother!” explained the young Tasmanian Devil.

“He’s the one behind this invasion, right?” asked Terry, pointing to the Ancient Minister.

“Well…” began to say the mysterious person.

Suddenly, he was interupted when a red glow appeared behind him. The Ancient Minister turned around and looked at the red glow. That red glow turned out to be a familiar sorcerer’s hologram.

“Jafar!” exclaimed the Ancient Minister, along with the other heroes.

The sorcerer looked around and noticed the heroes.

“Well, well. Isn’t that the amateur spy girl, the imaginary friends gang, the future dark knight, the Tasmanian Devil and his sidekick, along with a strange-looking baby.”

“Hey! At least, I haven’t star in a bad movie sequel!” snapped Stewie as he hold the DVD to a movie. “Aladdin 4: Jafar May Need Glasses.” said Stewie as he read the title.

“What the… Nevermind!” exclaimed the sorcerer. “Robots!” he ordered. The futuristic robots all turned around to face Jafar. “The time has come…”

Without waiting, the robots walked towards the Subspace Bombs. Suddenly, the Ancient Minister rushed towards them, surprising the heroes. The mysterious figure stopped in front of the robots, confusing them.

“Don’t do that. It ain’t gonna be good!” exclaimed the Ancient Minister.

“What… are… you… doing!?” exclaimed Jafar.

“Repairing my mistakes. That’s what I’m doing!”

“Stop that, or you’ll regret it.” said the sorcerer as he pushed on a button.

The futuristic robots’ eyes turned red, like if they were all totally under Jafar’s control. The robots came near the Subspace Bombs and were about to use them.

“No! Stop that!” yelled the Ancient Minister as he charged towards some robots and knocked them out. “Listen to me for one second!”

The sorcerer seemed to be annoyed by that.

“You don’t let me any more choice, Ancient Minister.”

Jafar pushed another button. The robots’ eyes glowed red even more. Soon, all of them turned to see the Ancient Minister and started shooting at him. After many hits, the mysterious figure was on fire.

“Aaaaah! Mayday! Mayday! Somebody help me!” exclaimed the Ancient Minister.

“Oh, my gosh!” exclaimed Goo.

“Too bad. You will never see your friends again…” said Jafar with a smirk. Soon, the ex-vizier laughed sinisterly. Gradually, this laugh became more madly, more insane, more than the laugh he did when he took control of Genie’s lamp and sended Aladdin to the North Pole.

His hologram vanished. At the same time, a bunch of bird Primids came to fight our heroes.


All of sudden, an explosion happened at where the Ancient Minister was. The good thing: the explosion destroyed the birds. The bad thing: a cloud of smoke covered where the explosion happened. So, the heroes had no idea what happened to the Ancient Minister. Quickly, Kim came near where the mysterious figure was. She was worried about him.

“Ancient Minister! Are you alright?”

At first, there was no answer at all. Until…

“Bite my shiny metal ass!” exclaimed the Ancient Minister’s voice.

“W-w-what?” asked the girl, arching an eyebrow.

At this moment, someone came from the cloud. The heroes were finally able to see the real appearance of the mysterious figure. It was a gray robot with a small cabinet door on his chest. His yellow eyes had one black square each. His hands had three fingers each. He had an antenna on the top of his head and his feet were round. His arms and legs were blueish grey. He had two horizontal lines that intercepted with four vertical lines that formed his mouth. His name is Bender Bending Rodriguez.

“Oh, yeah! Bender’s back, baby!” exclaimed the robot.

“During the whole time, the Ancient Minister was… a robot?” said Terry.

“You think THAT’S surprising, meatbag? I’m still shocked that Marvel decided to kill Captain America!... Wait, no. I’m not shocked at all. I rather enjoy it!” said Bender before laughing evily.

“Oooh, I’m gonna enjoy working with this guy!” said Stewie gleefully. “More than when Brian and the fat man went fishing.”


A white-furred dog with a black nose and a red collar named Brian Griffin was sitting near a fat guy with brown hair, glasses, a white shirt, green pants and brown shoes named Peter Griffin. They were fishing near a lake.
“Aaaaaaah, yeah… Isn’t it great to do fishing in such a splendid day?” said Peter as he smiled.

“Excuse me, sir…” He turned around to see a dog named Peter Puppy. “But have you seen my pal, Earthworm Jim?”

For a moment, the fat man just stared at him.

“Hum… nnnooo.”

“Are you sure? His suit is just right besides you.” said the dog as he pointed to Earthworm Jim’s suit, who was near Peter.

“Hum… No, no. I never met this guy before.” he said nervously.

“Really? Okay, then.” said Peter Puppy as he left.

The fat man then looked at his fishing rod before sweating.

“I told you to take another earthworm.” said Brian.

“Shh! Don’t tell this to anyone!” said Peter to his dog.


“You’re a weird robot, you know that?” said Kim.

“Less talk, more action!” exclaimed the robot as he opened his cabinet door, took a submachine gun from his chest, closed the cabinet door and shooted at the Primids who came to attack the heroes. “Yeah! Take that, you dirty pieces of crap!”

Soon, the other heroes decided to help Bender as well. Terry threw Batarangs, punched and kicked them, as well as using his ability to fly. Taz and Jake span around like tornados to destroy the Primids. Bloo hit the robots with his paddleball. Cheese hit them with his own head (don’t ask why). At the same time, Kim used her usual fighting skills, such as using gadgets, punching, kicking and many more. As for Goo, she stomped on the Primids, just like Mario on a Goomba or a Koopa Troopa, all while dancing with joy. Some minutes later, all the Primids were gone.

“Alright! We are the best around here! Hurray!” exclaimed Bloo.

“Hum… I think we have a problem here.” said Goo.

Everyone looked and realized the futuristic robots activated ALL the Subspace Bombs in the room.

“…Yikes!” gulped the blue blob.

Quickly, Terry touched on some buttons on his arms. He looked at it carefully before receiving a confirmation.

“I have a vehicule that could allow us to escape this place. Let’s go!”

The others nodded before following the superhero. All of sudden, Taz stopped, turned around and noticed Bender not coming with them. The robot looked at the ground, in sadness. The Tasmanian Devil quickly came near the robot.

“Wargh! Blargh! Blargh! Rargh!”

“Sorry. I can’t leave. I don’t even know where are my friends. I can’t go without them, even though they are annoying as hell…” said Bender.

“Blargh! Rargh! Wargh!”

The Tasmanian Devil grabbed Bender with both of his hands. He carried him while joining the others.

“Hey! Put me down, you big moron!”


Some moments later, the heroes arrived on a platform. They jumped off the edge of the said platform. They kept falling until Terry’s Batwing appeared and they all landed on it.

“Wait! There’s only one seat in that vehicule. How the hell are we suppose to be ALL on the same vehicule at the SAME time!?” complained Stewie.

“Like this.”

Terry pushed on a button. Eight additonal seats appeared in the vehicule, making it larger.

“Okay. I have to admit that’s kinda cool.” said the baby, deadpan.

“By the way, is it me, or did I have seen something like this happening before?” wondered Bloo.

The heroes all sat in the vehicule, with Terry driving it. With no more time to waste, they flied towards the nearest exit. However, there was one small problem. A larger jet came out of nowhere and started chasing them. Kim noticed the jet and tried to look closely. Then, she groaned.

“Drakken and Shego again…”

“You haven’t win yet, Kim Possible!” exclaimed the mad scientist.

“How many times did I hear you saying that?” asked Shego, nonchalantly.

“Enough, Shego!” snapped Drakken.

Drakken’s jet shooted at the Batwing with its cannons. Terry’s vehicule started to have damages.

“If someone could stop him from doing that, it would be very helpful.” said Terry.

“I’ll do it. Those who want to help me, do so.” said Kim

She went on the top of the vehicule, followed by Stewie, Bloo, Taz and Jake. Stewie shooted at the jet with his lazer gun, hitting it. Kim also shooted a laser on the jet. Bloo tried to hit with his paddleball, but it had no effects at all.

“Oh, crud!”

When the jet came near the Batwing, the Tasmanian Devils used their strenght to hit it as many times as possible. However, the jet was able to shoot many times at our heroes, as well as charging towards them. All this fight caused the jet to shake so often. After a while, Bender seemed to be annoyed by all these shakes.

“Okay, that’s it! I’ll stop that right now!” said the robot. Bender came on the top of the Batwing, joining the others. He looked directly at Drakken in the jet, with a glare. “Hey, you! Stop doing that or I’ll bend you in a half!”

“Do you at least know who am I? I am Dr. Drakken, the greatest criminal in the world, whatever what Kim Possible or Shego would say about it!” Kim and Shego rolled their eyes at it. “The one villain with the most diabolical schemes no one has ever thought! It would take more than your bending arms to defeat me.”

“Come on! Even I would make a better villain than you. And yet, I’m just an anti-hero! You’re nothing more than a villain full of cliché!”

“Me? Full of cliché!? How dare you say I’m full of cliché?! I’M the one who built the Primids. And they are better robots than you!” claimed Drakken.

“Oh, yeah. They WERE better robots than me until I destroyed them!” exclaimed Bender.

“You did WHAT?!? You darn robot, I’ll make you pay for…”

“Oh, shut the hell up, will ya!”

“No, you shut up!”

“You shut up!”

“Shut up!”

“No, you!”

“No, you!”

“Hold on!” exclaimed Kim.

“What?” asked both Bender and Drakken at the same time.

“Well… I’ve just noticed that… you two have the same voice.” she said.

All the others nodded with her, even Shego. And she was right. The robot and the mad scientist had a similar voice, like if they were sharing the same voice. Bender and Drakken looked at each other, before looking back at Kim.

“What are you talking about? We don’t sound alike.” said Bender.

“Yeah. I’m much more sophisticated than that stupid can of metal.” said Drakken.

“That’s right. We… Hold on!” The robot turned around to see the mad scientist. “How did you call me?”

“Hum… A stupid can of metal!” confirmed the villain.

At that moment, Bender became gradually furious.

“Alright! I have enough with this!”

The robot opened his cabinet door and took a Smash Ball from inside his chest. As he crushed it, the Smash Ball transformed into a bottle of beer.

“What the deuce? His Final Smash is a bottle of beer? What a rip-off!” exclaimed Stewie.

Ignoring Stewie’s comment, Bender drank the bottle of beer at once. After he finished drinking the bottle, he threw it away and belched. However, when he belched, it caused fire to come from his mouth to go on Drakken’s jet, burning it.

“No, no and no!” shouted Drakken angrily.

“Bite my shiny metal ass, meatbag!” exclaimed Bender while pointing at his own butt. Some seconds later, the jet crashed into a nearby wall. This caused Drakken and Shego to be thrown into the air. Suddenly, Bender noticed something. “Hey… wait a minute!”

Two other people were thrown into the air. The first one was a red-haired man who is wearing a white shirt, a red vest, blue pants and black and white shoes. The second one was a woman with one eye and her purple hair tied up in a ponytail. She was wearing a low-cut white tank top, black pants, grey and black boots and a technological thing on her right wrist. The man and the woman were screaming while being thrown in the air.

“Oh, crap!” exclaimed Bender. “Quick! Grab my feet and hold them tight!”

The others grabbed his feet without asking. The robot extanded his legs and his arms as much as possible. As the two people came near the Batwing, Bender caught them in the nick of time. The robot dropped them on the top of the Batwing.

“Fry! Leela! What were you doing in that jet?!?” asked Bender.

“Well, it’s all because… hum… well… Leela, told him.” asked Fry as the woman sighed.

“We were able to escape our cell. We found that jet and thought we could use it to escape. However, Drakken and Shego came to use the jet and we had no other alternative than hiding ourselves in the closet aboard.” explained Leela.

“And it was…”

“No comment, Fry!” snapped the cyclop woman.

“Well, I’m glad to see you two alive. I missed you, meatbags.” said Bender uneasily.

The robot hugged his two friends, who hugged him back. Noticing that nobody was looking, Bender discreetly put his hands in Fry and Leela’s pockets, taking their own wallets and picking the money in it before quickly hide it in his own body and putting the wallets back in their pockets. After that, the robot whistled innocently.


Some seconds later, the Batwing finally exited the long tunnel and escaped the floating island. Just in time as the said island was sucked into another dark sphere, caused by the Subspace Bombs. The heroes sighed in relief. They were closer to know the secrets of this invasion. Why? Because the former Ancient Minister is now with the heroes, ready to punish the people behind this invasion…

End of chapter.

The Ancient Minister was, in fact, none other than Bender. In the next chapter, almost all the heroes will be together and the robot will have the chance to tell them his story.

Bender from Futurama as R.O.B. Who could be better than a robot for playing another robot? Honestly, it’s probably one of the funniest characters I’ve seen to play R.O.B. Also, the part where he was talking with Drakken, try to guess what it referenced, although it’s pretty obvious.

Anyway, one of Monkey Fist’s ninja monkey (from “Kim Possible”) was playing a Metroid. The part where Stewie showed a movie titled “Aladdin 4: Jafar May Need Glasses” was a reference to the Family Guy episode titled “Lois Kills Stewie”. Again, the cutaway gag featuring Earthworm Jim and Peter Puppy was simply satirical.

Read and review!
MightyMorphinPower4 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2009
exllcent chapter here
Comickook Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2009
Again, absolutely awesome work on this story thus far. As usual, dynamite job on the action, exchanges, humor, references, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this.
Orange-Ratchet Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2009
Man, the parts with Bender and Stewie are so fricking hilarious! Even Peter and Brian's cutaway gag, and Jafar's reaction to a non-existant Aladdin sequel.
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